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Thread: PF4872 / PF4869 / L829 tree

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    PF4872 / PF4869 / L829 tree

    I wanted to share with you PF4872 tree
    I hope this will encourage discussion about PF4872/PF4869/L829
    Please see link

    Data taken from PF4872 project at

    Any comments to improve the tree are welcomed
    If you have sample here and do not want your sample on this tree, please let me know
    It is striking that this tree confirmed what we know from history about Tayy tribe: previously a Christian Levantine tribe
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    important correction, what we know from history about Tayy is that it is a Sabaean Kahlani tribe that migrated from Yemen to Najd in the 2nd century A.D , and was never mentioned in Levant or Iraq prior to the 4th century A.D

    and what we know for sure is that Tayy belongs to J1-FGC4421
    descendant of FGC1695

    we know this for that Shammar , Banu Lam , Banu Sakhir , Banu Al-Nubhan (Bani khalid today) whom are Ta'yy tribes, are downstream of FGC4421

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    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

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    Looks great Well done
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