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Thread: J1a >> P58>> ZS241, Sicily/ Perricone

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    J1a >> P58>> ZS241, Sicily/ Perricone

    About 4 years ago I took my first autosomal test on ancestry, and found that my father's side was not 100% Irish/Scottish as I had previously thought; I came up with 16% or so Sicilian, which was confirmed again with my 23andme test. Furthermore, 23andme told me my haplogroup was J-CTS5368, moving my suspicion towards my patrilineal line. I eventually found that I wasn't actually a match for anyone with my surname ( Wallace), and discovered that there was likely an affair between my great grandmother and a Sicilian man (Perricone) here in the US, which also explains my grandfather's dark hair and olive/dark complexion.

    Recently, I completed the 37-Y DNA test through ftDNA, which predicts my haplogroup to be J-M267. I put in the STR values on nevgen, and was given the prediction of J1a >> P58>> ZS241. Additionally, I just saw yesterday that I'm a match for the ftDNA Cohen Modal haplotype. Obviously, I know that I need more testing here to confirm and hone in my results ( saving up for Big-Y) , but I wanted to get a sense from others here who have a better understanding of these results- based on this information, what are the odds that I have Jewish ancestry on my patrilineal ancestry? Appreciate any input. My kit is B699415 for reference.

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