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Thread: More new SNPs under Z280 and M458, individually testable at FTDNA

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    More new SNPs under Z280 and M458, individually testable at FTDNA

    FTDNA now offers tests (in the Advanced menu) for these SNPs:

    Y1401 – child of Z92, sibling of CTS214, roughly equivalent to YP270 (East Baltic)
    Y2902 – child of Y1392, parent of Y2910 (Volga-Carpathian)
    Y2910 – parent of YP310 (Volga-Carpathian)
    YP295 – child of YP234, parent of L366 and YP335
    YP310 – child of Y2910
    YP331 – child of CTS8816 (I Type)
    YP335 – child of YP295, sibling of L366
    YP340 – child of CTS1211, parent of P278.2 (Old Carpathian)
    S24902 – child of Z280, sibling of CTS1211 and Z92

    Y2905 – child of L260
    YP263 – child of L1029, parent of FG1234

    It is getting difficult to describe these SNPs except in terms of the Big Y tests in which they appeared.

    Also, it is getting difficult to keep track of all the SNP tests I have requested. FTDNA does not send any notice when a requested test becomes available--someone has to look for it and notice that it is now present in the menu.

    These very new SNPs are not yet discounted 20% as they should be. When I asked Janine Cloud whether FTDNA can fix this by tomorrow evening, she wrote:
    We can sure try! However, we'll certainly be able to give the discount to callers, and if someone emails us about it before the end of the sale, then we will honor the sale price even if it's later in the week.
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