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Thread: New SNPs under CTS3402 and Z92, available for order

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    New SNPs under CTS3402 and Z92, available for order

    FTDNA's Advanced menu now lists the following new SNPs downstream from Z280:

    CTS8816 (under CTS3402) - embraces Y1394, L1280, and I Type
    Y1394 (under CTS8816, same level as Y1392) - may define Volga-Carpathian cluster (B Type)
    YP237 (under CTS3402)
    YP234 (under YP237) - embraces L365 and L366
    YP269 (under L365) - may define the "12-12" cluster
    YP270 (under Z92) - may distinguish East Baltic from East Slavic
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