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Thread: Jutish nobleman" among Neolithic to 6th century finds in Kent

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    Jutish nobleman" among Neolithic to 6th century finds in Kent

    No DNA plans feature in the local news report here, but this is an exciting discovery from Deal in Kent. Forty graves from the late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Migration Period have been unearthed at a housing development site. I assume they've already taken a close look at damage to the bones, but it would be interesting if the chieftain's animals actually turn out to have been sacrificed as seen at sites from Sutton Hoo to Scandinavia.

    From the story in the local KM news service link below:

    Among the graves are two side by side, one an outsize one for a horse and a large wolf-sized dog. The one next to it is of their owner, a Jutish warrior and nobleman.

    It is thought he was killed in battle as his skull was found to be crushed. [Kent Archaeological Projects] believes his animals died in the same fight.

    Mr Allen said: "He was a very high status nobleman. He seemed to have died in battle because his shield was placed over his face, which had been very badly crushed in so we're assuming that was the cause of death."
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