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Thread: Upcoming paper on Anglo-Saxon migration period??

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    Upcoming paper on Anglo-Saxon migration period??

    Morning, all. I am new to this forum, so I am not sure if this is in line with forum etiquette and what have you. Anyway, I was listening to an interview with J.P. Mallory on Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning podcast and Khan mentioned an upcoming (but delayed) paper on A-S migration and genetics. The crux of the upcoming paper seems to be that the new research suggests that there was indeed a large population replacement / migration in the period (which has been the crux of many debates around the A-S migration period). The paper would seem to strengthen the case for population change over cultural change. From what I can glean from Khan, the paper claims that currently relatively low levels of 'Anglo-Saxon' DNA (<40%) in English populations is due to significant wash-back of British DNA in the following centuries. This is because the topography of England favours high mobility, enabling lots of mixing and, specifically, west to east movement of individuals with more 'Celtic' ancestry. Over the centuries, this means that the A-S component has been diluted. The analysis uses ancient DNA samples to show that the A-S migration (or invasion, if you prefer) was more significant than recent archaeologists have acknowledged (Oosthuizen, Fleming, Pryor, et al.)

    So, my basic question is, has anyone else heard of this paper? This is not the first time I have caught wind of it -- apparently it has been 'in the works' for a while -- but I am getting a bit impatient to read it. Has it ever been discussed here? Does anyone know who is conducting it or in which institute?


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