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Thread: Upcoming paper on Anglo-Saxon migration period??

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettor View Post
    Venosa samples are ancient Samnites , who are a branch of the Umbri family

    Foggia area borders in ancient times the Samnite-Daunian border ....................there is an Italian paper I recently read on the 3 or 4 ancient samples from there
    No, they are samples dated to the 8th century AD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwauthy View Post
    In your dataset I see a Y-DNA BAI file for SWG004 but I donít see a BAM file. Please advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADW_1981 View Post
    I'm very curious about north European E-V22, is it just one common lineage dating recently? I think it crossed N.Africa -> Spain -> France and then I know there is a distant south German relative of mine who used to post here who was E-V22, so it may have gone several directions from France if my predictions are correct. Italy might also be an option.
    It is from a Frisian paternal line, from Wartena in the center of Friesland. Stocky Frisians with names as Fokke and Haije.

    I guess that there could be a connection with the Roman army, see for example, this sample, from Rhineland (which was Friesland also connected to via the Rhine):

    Distance to: Germany_North_Rhine-Westphalia_Alt-Inden:IND009
    0.01848142 ITA_Rome_Imperial
    0.02031829 Italian_Jew
    0.02048664 Ashkenazi_Germany
    0.02133247 ITA_Venosa_EMA
    0.02182508 Italian_Calabria
    0.02208243 DEU_MA_Erfurt1
    0.02234089 Italian_Campania
    0.02310258 ITA_Collegno_MA_o1
    0.02387276 Romaniote_Jew
    0.02446945 Greek_Dodecanese

    The Rhineland was of course full of Roman founded cities like Aachen (Aquś Grann), KŲln (Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium) and Mainz (Mogontiacum).

    Mainz had even an Isis Tempel:,_Mainz

    Even the more Northern Saxons had a Legion in Phoenicia:
    The Notitia Dignitatum records the Ala Prima Saxonum serving at Verofabula in the Levant under the Duke of Phoenicia (Bartholemew 1984, 169) and it may be that one of the veterans of that unit settled in the Patching area during the early 5th century, bringing with him an Egyptian glass vessel acquired on active service.
    Phoenicia,Levant, Palestine and....

    But I guess just a straw, idle hope...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADW_1981 View Post
    I'm having some trouble following the continuity of the thread. Any Z209 so far? Got a bit greedy with ZAP002 being such a close relative. No expectations, I don't think my direct male ancestors were from northern Europe, highly unlikely as being AS anyways.
    Yes, although as cited here it's called S450, a synonym for Z268, one of the eight equivalent SNPs of Z209. Two samples from Sedgeford are (many steps down from) S450.

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    Alt-Inden was really diverse. Its range of profiles literally spans almost all of European populations. In addition, to the profile (IND009) which is very close to medieval Erfurt Jews in just one site we find:
    -a Germanic cluster
    -a Gallo-Roman/Ibero-Roman (France-Spain) group
    -a Sarmatian-shifted group
    -a Roman Balkan & Italian group
    -one individual who seems to be quite close to modern Basques (?)

    Distance to: IND011:IND011
    0.03985676 Basque_Gipuzkoa_Southwest
    0.04006028 Spanish_Soria
    0.04170104 Basque_Navarre_North
    0.04206958 Basque_Biscay
    0.04253041 Basque_Gipuzkoa
    0.04298697 Basque_Spanish
    0.04394059 French_Chalosse
    0.04450811 Basque_Roncal
    0.04459933 Basque_Araba
    0.04484633 French_Bearn
    0.04548393 Basque_Navarre_Center
    0.04606784 French_South
    0.04607508 French_Bigorre
    0.04644734 Spanish_Aragon_North
    0.04645427 Basque_Baztan
    0.04645731 Spanish_Biscay
    0.04679781 Basque_Lower_Navarre
    0.04710672 Basque_Soule
    0.04785171 Basque_French
    0.04862175 Spanish_Burgos
    0.04898820 Spanish_Castello
    0.05023441 Spanish_La_Rioja
    0.05032924 Spanish_Catalunya_Central
    0.05201274 Spanish_Pais_Vasco
    0.05277387 Spanish_Navarra
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    Quote Originally Posted by razyn View Post
    As far as I'm aware -- and I get a little less aware every day -- this is the first (and second) report from aDNA of one of the SNPs found by testing me, at FGC, namely FGC15710. [I also have CTS10029, plus my own line of descent below that; and of course everything above FGC15710, including btw FGC15712.] Are these guys from the first century CE? I haven't found much about Sedgeford, the source of the SEDxxx samples in this paper. However it has been mentioned as a place with a good locally supported archaeological project. I looked at their Facebook page, and they're still digging, this hot summer.

    I also have Jean Manco's posthumously published book on the Anglo-Saxons, with lots of pictures and maps and bibliography -- but no Sedgeford entries are indexed.

    Anyway for me, finding a couple of uncles via aDNA is pretty exciting. But then I'm perhaps too easily excited, for a dried grape.
    I've been involved at Sedgeford a couple of times, would definitely recommend a visit if you ever in the UK at the right time. They do courses too if you are not interested in volunteering.
    They used to do tours on certain days, might still do that.

    It did feature on one of the BBCs History of England episodes (I think with Michael Wood?). My one and only TV appearance as a bystander

    I think Digging for Britain also featured it recently as well, if you have access to any of these programmes. Will give you a bit more background information.

    From memory i think the main period of the site is mid Anglo-Saxon period, though there was some earlier remains from the Roman period.

    I believe there was even a Roman period kiln or oven with a body in it (can't remember the details though).

    Edit: Here's their publications page. I haven't looked through in a while but perhaps there might be something relevant.
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    Scaled preliminary coordinates by Davidski with label added

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    Playing with new Davidski sourced coordinates...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    actually think the Anglo-Saxons were a pretty cool people. I tend to blame the Normans and feudalism as introducing a lot of bad lasting traits within British rstab that never real left. They had a real steak of colonialist mentality in their ventures and saw themself like a caste and also inherited a Roman attitude to the Celtic fringethan as savages/inferior that stuck into Victorian times.
    i should probably add that no people were as badly robbed of land and all positions of any power by the Normans as the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Danes of England. They were left with nothing in the way of power and influence. British history books tend to gloss over this and portray it in terms of a change of royal dynasty and system but gloss over the complete ethnic replacement of any secular or ecclesiastical power by a caste of french speaking colonists. If I was English iíd have a much dimmer view of that and look at it as a kind of enslavement of the English by a French speaking Raj.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajeje Brazorf View Post
    Scaled preliminary coordinates by Davidski with label added
    I now have to totally redo my top 3 closest ancient dna (aDNA) matches under my avatar
    I'm frankly not surprised by this development as I tend to be quite A-S automsomally speaking.

    Rather than clutter up this thread with similar posts, recommend you go here in this
    Thread: Post your New Ancient Global 25 (with Paterson study samples)
    to post this type of personal info. I just did.

    I'll request a thread title change to be more generic.
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