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Thread: Most of South European ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews doesn't seem to be North Italian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erikl86 View Post
    While on the face of it, this scenario is of course theoretically plausible, it's unlikely.

    First, Ashkenazi Jews have more than 50% occurrence of Middle Eastern Y-DNA; it's closer to 80%.

    Second thing is that what this would mean is that the forefathers of Ashkenazi Jews for some reason stopped marrying Middle Eastern Jewish women, or that all Middle Eastern Jewish women simply died out - and we have no recollection of that.

    And third, the scenario you lay down here requires that the acceptance of converts would be on the same rate as it was in the heyday of Judaism's popularity in the 2nd century BCE - 1st/2nd centuries CE, while we know that especially after Hadrian's decrees and soon after the Christianization of the Empire, the feasibility of accepting converts from the Mediterranean basin has declined sharply.

    It's more likely Ashkenazi Jews (and Western Jews in general) do have significant Middle Eastern ancestry, probably no less than 35% if one is to play with several autosomal models.
    I'm not surprised given that European Jewry cluster with genetic isolated groups of the Levant by their Y-DNA, but not by mtDNA which highly suggests that the migrations from the Levant were primarily Israelite men who intermarried with local Aegean women which is why they're pretty similar autosomaly Southern Italians and Aegean Greeks. Yeah, I'd say that Ashkenazi Jews of Central and Eastern Europe are around 35% Levantine due to having some Germanic and Balto-Slavic admixtures while the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews of Southern European are around 45 to 50% Levantine similar to Palestinian Muslims.

    Hell, Russian Jews for example cluster the closest to other Jews in the region, Southern Italians of Campania, Maltese, Sephardic Jews and Aegean Greeks than to ethnic Russians despite the geographical distances between these groups.

    It's also interesting to note that Yemenite Jews, despite clustering with Ashkenazi Jews by their Y-DNA, are autosomally very similar to Arabians as a whole which highly suggest that the Jewish men of Yemen continued mixing with local Arab women of Yemen while European Jewry mixed only a few times before stopping all together. It's the same thing for Ethiopian Jewry as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erikl86 View Post
    Italy was transforming into it's Imperial-Rome genetic profile before the Imperial era, and Jews didn't arrive that much before.

    On the other hand, Jews have been living in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Hellenistic world for several centuries prior to their arrival to Rome.
    Yeah, like Egypt, esp the Alexandrian Jews which I think Egypt was their first stop before migration from there to Italy or something.

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