My name is Kevin Murphy. I am a co-administrator of the Murphy DNA Project at familytreedna. I am trying to help raise funds to upgrade some individuals to the Big Y 700.

I am interested in how Thomas Elijah Deaton 1679-1761 would likely have been a Murphy. There are several direct male line descendants of his through at least 3 of his sons and they fall downstream of the Murphy Y SNPs R-Z18138, R-FGC80005, R-Z18136, and R-FGC79206.

We have even been fortunate in having men with an NPE that know who their Murphy ancestor was.

One member whose ancestor was born in the same part of West Virginia as anothers. One STR difference out of 111. One's ancestor was raised by what we're likely the material grandparents from which their surname was given. The other took a step father's name and was actually referred to as a Murphy in a court record shortly after his mother passed away.

I have a theory that our upstream cousins, the O'Sheas of Northwest Cork, and a group of Foleys might too be Murphys, however I believe it is more likely the case that R-Z18138 is the earliest Murphy SNP. Perhaps we could he so lucky to split that clade of two SNPs.

Genetic families B.1-B.3 are the groups I am referencing here. I am hoping to help someone from group B.3 to upgrade to the Big Y 700.

The O'Sheas of Northwest Cork appear to cluster with some Murphys and most share the same few ancestors in the same area of Northwest Cork in the very late 18th and early 19th century. They also cluster very closely with eachother in a way that reminds me of how the Deatons(who are Murphy) cluster together. It is obviously the case that the earlier back in time an NPE happens the more people descended of that event would exist today. Case in point. I have found over 1000 Deatons who descend from Thomas Elijah Deaton. There might actually be more Deatons that are Murphys than there are Deatons that are Deatons. How would that happen? Well I suppose being the Modal family of the Murphy DNA Project it shouldn't be a surprise to see how some of these men had 10 children surviving to adulthood having loads of children. From the family tree I have constructed there is an above average number of men in these families having children. A certain percentage of the population simply never marry or never have children. Having constructed a tree with over 5000 Murphys, Murpheys, Murfees, and over 1000 Deatons I am hoping to take further steps to make this a whole lot more exciting for everyone.

Thank you

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Kevin Murphy


If you have any Murphy friends please pass them along to me. I will do research for them free of charge. I will even trace other parts of their family for them. Would love to have more Murphy men test their Y 37 and it is on sale now 79.99 down from 119.99 until November 21st!

I can be contacted at [email protected]