I am very pleased with Y-DNA STR37 UMAP plot of all FTDNA users.
I seems to me that such plot shows relative time distance and kinship between various clades without even knowing the SNP results.

In case of I-P37 plot, M26, L233 and M423 are generally clearly splitted into separate clusters.
And inside M423 internal structure is clearly visible. L161 is separated from L621 and they both are internally structured.
We can see that Disles and Y18331 are more distanced from the main L621 cluster which is made of a bulk of I2a-Din.
I2a-Din is again splitted into two main clusters: Din-N and Din-S.
It can bee seen the affinity of BY128 to Y18331 and this can be because of S17250 bigger similarity to Y18331 than Z17855 or Y4460.