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Thread: Post your New Ancient Global 25 (with Paterson study samples)

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    Eastern North America
    aDNA Match (1st)
    I12771 Mid Iron Age Derbyshire England 0.0216
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    I0774 Anglo-Saxon Cambridge England 0.0221
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    VK364 Viking Age Langeland Denmark 0.0228
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    England Scotland Wales Germany Palatinate Ireland Leinster Sweden Finns

    Post your New Ancient Global 25 (with Paterson study samples)

    I was curious how the new samples from the Patterson study affected my closest distances to ancient samples.

    Would one of these new samples be closer than any previous samples? (Yes)

    This link includes the new samples

    For me, I have 6 new samples in my top 25, and a new #1. I12771 Middle Iron Age England, Derbyshire, Brassington, Carsington Pasture Cave, 513-210 calBCE

    Distance to: Mitchell_scaled
    0.02158960 England_MIA:I12771
    0.02208310 England_Saxon:I0774
    0.02282412 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK364
    0.02304889 England_Saxon:I0159
    0.02307292 VK2020_IRL_Dublin_VA:VK545
    0.02326465 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I14107
    0.02344008 Wales_MIA:I16405
    0.02345650 NLD_MBA:I11973
    0.02359459 ITA_Collegno_MA:CL84
    0.02377632 England_IA:I0156
    0.02383097 VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA:VK429
    0.02397057 England_MIA:I13727
    0.02397439 England_MIA:I20627
    0.02411576 England_MIA_LIA:I20983
    0.02432062 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK110
    0.02437952 England_IA_EarlyMedieval:I14550
    0.02439535 England_MIA:I13730
    0.02444001 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK123
    0.02454568 England_MIA:I20586
    0.02469264 England_IA:I16441
    0.02476120 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK101
    0.02485745 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK42
    0.02491816 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK236
    0.02505699 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I5508
    0.02527649 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK102

    So my top 6 are now
    2 Middle Iron Age N. England (Derbyshire, Yorkshire)
    2 England Saxons
    2 Vikings (1 Irish, 1 Danish)
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    Y DNA line continued: Z142>Z12222>FGC12378>FGC12401>FGC12384
    35% English, 15% Scottish, 14% Welsh, 14% German, 11% Ulster Scot, 5% Ireland, 3% Scandinavian, 2% French/Dutch, 1% India
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    Missouri, U.S.
    Colonial American
    aDNA Match (1st)
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b-U152 >L2>BY34131
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    I2-P37 > I-BY77146
    mtDNA (P)

    United States of America Scotland England Netherlands
    Distance to: PLogan_scaled
    0.02567724 VK2020_Scotland_Orkney_VA:VK207
    0.02575206 VK2020_Scotland_Orkney_VA:VK201
    0.02611980 England_MIA:I14802
    0.02625264 England_MIA:I13717

    0.02663884 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK368
    0.02737126 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK123
    0.02843105 England_MIA:I12771
    0.02935658 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK110
    0.02940362 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I13754
    0.02953256 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK329
    0.02963726 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I14101
    0.02989534 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK234
    0.03018533 England_EIA:I11149
    0.03024915 England_MIA_LIA:I21310

    0.03042320 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK322
    0.03046472 VK2020_NOR_North_VA:VK528
    0.03085908 England_MIA_LIA:I19042
    0.03100347 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK111
    0.03108241 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK245
    0.03131458 VK2020_England_Dorset_VA:VK261
    0.03131556 England_MIA:I20586
    0.03154975 VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA:VK468
    0.03155108 VK2020_DNK_Sealand_VA:VK385
    0.03164971 England_MIA:I14801
    0.03171010 England_MIA_LIA:I21309

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    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    Cornwall New Zealand
    Are they all up on vahaduo yet?

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    Eastern North America
    aDNA Match (1st)
    I12771 Mid Iron Age Derbyshire England 0.0216
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    I0774 Anglo-Saxon Cambridge England 0.0221
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    VK364 Viking Age Langeland Denmark 0.0228
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    England Scotland Wales Germany Palatinate Ireland Leinster Sweden Finns
    Quote Originally Posted by timberwolf View Post
    Are they all up on vahaduo yet?
    I just copied from link in my 1st post and pasted in vahaduo source tab
    Y DNA line continued: Z142>Z12222>FGC12378>FGC12401>FGC12384
    35% English, 15% Scottish, 14% Welsh, 14% German, 11% Ulster Scot, 5% Ireland, 3% Scandinavian, 2% French/Dutch, 1% India
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    Northern Ireland
    Northern Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    Y-DNA (M)

    Northern Ireland Ireland Scotland
    Distance to: Owen_scaled
    0.02251925 England_Saxon:I0159
    0.02408820 England_LIA:I12927
    0.02476442 Scotland_LBA:I2859
    0.02531977 England_MIA:I19656
    0.02567995 England_MIA_LIA:I20631
    0.02587865 England_MIA:I12771
    0.02605951 England_EastYorkshire_LIA:I22062
    0.02634021 England_EastYorkshire_LIA:I22057
    0.02670098 England_MIA:I19912
    0.02673999 VK2020_NOR_North_VA:VK525
    0.02686659 England_IA:I0156
    0.02687656 Scotland_MBA:I2655
    0.02692042 England_MBA:I7577
    0.02710307 England_LBA:I14358
    0.02720277 England_MIA:I13732
    0.02722250 England_MIA:I11997
    0.02741482 England_EastYorkshire_MIA:I22056
    0.02745853 England_MBA:I7627
    0.02750745 Scotland_LIA:I27385
    0.02753261 Scotland_EIA:I2692
    0.02755592 England_MIA:I3014
    0.02763286 England_LIA:I12791
    0.02764887 Scotland_MIA_LIA:I16499
    0.02778124 Scotland_MIA:I2983
    0.02779455 England_MIA:I13731

    Distance to: OwenDad_scaled
    0.02499081 England_MIA:I11997
    0.02557091 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK34
    0.02581358 England_MIA_LIA:I11994
    0.02615140 DEU_Halberstadt_LBA:I0099
    0.02641534 England_MIA:I12790
    0.02750314 England_MIA:I11153
    0.02792885 VK2020_England_Dorset_VA:VK258
    0.02839744 ITA_Rome_MA:RMPR1286
    0.02848013 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I14102
    0.02851385 England_LIA:I12932
    0.02854446 England_MIA:I21180
    0.02857988 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I5505
    0.02858402 England_MIA:I21181
    0.02862231 England_Saxon:I0777
    0.02900983 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I12415
    0.02925413 England_IA:I16458
    0.02930904 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK384
    0.02950312 England_MIA:I13732
    0.02973198 England_MIA:I13687
    0.02980816 England_EastYorkshire_LIA:I14106
    0.02986608 England_EastYorkshire_IA:I13758
    0.02998091 England_LIA_o:I20615
    0.03006265 England_IA:I0156
    0.03019215 England_EIA:I19861
    0.03019678 IRL_BA:rath3

    Distance to: OwenMom_scaled
    0.01749044 England_MIA_LIA:I20631
    0.02021359 England_MIA:I12771
    0.02124151 England_Saxon:I0159
    0.02328664 England_MIA_LIA:I16601
    0.02333856 England_LIA:I12927
    0.02380425 England_MIA:I20589
    0.02409901 England_MIA:I20586
    0.02430700 England_EastYorkshire_LIA:I22057
    0.02436049 VK2020_NOR_North_VA:VK525
    0.02442580 VK2020_NOR_North_VA:VK528
    0.02469366 Scotland_LIA:I27385
    0.02491897 England_IA:I16441
    0.02492207 England_MIA_LIA:I14809
    0.02496253 England_MIA:I19656
    0.02523883 England_IA:I12772
    0.02540323 Scotland_MIA:I2983
    0.02541820 VK2020_Scotland_Orkney_VA:VK203
    0.02542763 England_LBA:I14358
    0.02563960 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I14108
    0.02583491 VK2020_England_Oxford_VA:VK173
    0.02600627 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I13756
    0.02613037 Scotland_EIA:I2692
    0.02618057 England_MIA:I13730
    0.02620676 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK401
    0.02626874 VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA:VK456

    It would be great if there was an explanation as to what these categories mean.
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    United States
    aDNA Match (1st)
    Levant_LBN_MA_o4:SI-53 (Sidon Crusader's Pit-mixed)
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    [Mom] Levant_Beirut_ERoman:SFI-33
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    [Dad] VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK363
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    J2a1 Z6065>Y7708>M47
    mtDNA (P)

    United States of America Lebanon Germany United Kingdom Belgium Switzerland
    Changes, but not just to the English ones. He seems to have a strong continental pull. Still 7 of his top 10 remain Viking study samples:

    Distance to: DewslothDad_scaled
    0.01662567 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK363
    0.01750261 ITA_Rome_Renaissance:RMPR1224
    0.02099213 VK2020_DNK_Sealand_VA:VK369
    0.02211944 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK84
    0.02285240 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK330
    0.02313873 VK2020_SWE_Karda_VA:VK266
    0.02327292 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK317
    0.02327938 HUN_MA_Szolad:SZ45
    0.02356920 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK403
    0.02413550 ITA_Rome_Imperial:RMPR116
    0.02418763 SVN_EIA:I5690
    0.02501535 VK2020_DNK_Jutland_VA:VK87
    0.02521879 SRB_Mokrin_EBA_Maros:I23212
    0.02524541 VK2020_England_Oxford_VA:VK150
    0.02533324 CZE_LBA_Knoviz:I13798
    0.02581826 HUN_La_Tene:I18492
    0.02590189 CZE_IA_La_Tene:I17314
    0.02624150 CZE_IA_Hallstatt:I16327

    0.02635345 Bell_Beaker_Bavaria:I5529
    0.02635919 VK2020_DNK_Funen_VA:VK319
    0.02639300 England_MIA_LIA:I11991
    0.02652490 ITA_Rome_Renaissance:RMPR1220
    0.02656962 SRB_BA_Maros:I23211
    0.02703151 Iberia_Northeast_c.6CE_PL:I12031
    0.02751417 Bell_Beaker_Bavaria:I6591

    Grofove njive, Slovenia
    The site of Grofove njive, near Drnovo, consisted of a burial mound and a possible unenclosed settlement from the later phase of the Early Iron Age (i.e. Late Hallstatt period). The site lies in the middle of the relatively broad plain of the Krka and Sava Rivers, close to the edge of the major Urnfield period settlement of Velike njive and in direct line of sight to the central hillfort of Libna, located on the hills to the north-east (Pavlovič 2014). Both sites belong to the Early Iron Age Dolenjska group, which extends over south-eastern Slovenia and northern Croatia.
    Mokrin, Kikinda Municipality, North Banat, Serbia
    Excavations between 1958 and 1969 of the Mokrin necropolis (also known as ‘Selište-Lalina humka’), located close to the village of Mokrin, uncovered 312 Early Bronze Age graves, dating to c. 2100–1800 BCE. All of the recovered individuals were found in a flexed position, in a north–south or south–north orientation, and lying either on their right or left sides (the latter determined by the sex of the individual). A variety of grave goods was commonly associated with the burials
    Late Bronze Age (Knovíz Culture: c. 1300–800 BCE)
    Hostivice-Palouky, Prague-West district, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Rescue excavation of a 7ha area by I. Pleinerová and P. Sankot (Roztoky Museum), during construction of a warehouse area in 2001–3, unearthed a site occupied from the Neolithic to the Early Medieval period. A total of 2800 larger features (graves, settlement pits, post-built structures) and more than 1000 postholes were investigated. Human remains were found in features belonging to the following chronological/cultural periods: Linear Pottery (see below), Stroked Pottery (1 cremation grave), Bell Beaker (1 grave), Early Bronze Age Únětice (19 burials in 12 graves), and Late Bronze Age Knovíz (23 features containing the remains of 28 individuals, for analysed individuals see below), together with 1 skeleton from the Migration Period.
    Markotabödöge-Mohos-tóra-dűlő, Győr-Moson-Sopron County, Hungary
    The site of Markotabödöge-Mohos-tóra-dűlő is located on the western outskirts of Markotabödöge (topographical number: 045/5-6), Győr-Moson-Sopron County, in north-west Hungary. A field survey and large-scale rescue excavation were performed between 11 December 2013 and 10 November 2014, in advance of sand mining. The total excavated area was 174.864 m2, from which a total of 2896 objects were recovered. A Celtic cemetery, containing 127 graves, was unearthed on the north-eastern/eastern edge of the excavation area and dated to the La Tčne B2–C1 period (i.e. the end of the fourth–third centuries BCE; 320–260 BCE). On the northern and southern edge of the site, two isolated burials were also found: grave 875, with the skeleton of a child from the Avar period; and grave 1728, with the skeleton of an adult. An extensive Árpád period settlement was also found with features including a pit, a well, a ditch, a semi-subterranean house and a hearth.

    The Celtic graves were situated at the north-eastern/eastern edge of the site; however, their location suggests that the cemetery extended beyond the north-eastern extent of the mine. The majority of the graves were inhumation burials, but some were represented by empty tombs and cremation burials (e.g. graves 1568, 1861, 1948, 1966, 2151, 2166, 2613); men, women and children were represented in the burial population. The grave pits were mainly oriented south-east/north-west, but west/east and north-west/south-east orientations were also present. Some of the burials were framed by narrow, rectangular ditches. Unfortunately, some of the graves were looted

    Sample I18490 (male) derived from an individual aged 30–40 years in grave 2357, who was accompanied with an iron sword (in its sheath), an iron spearhead, a shield, a bronze armlet, and several vessels which appear to have been associated with animal bones.

    Sample I18492 (male) derived from the individual in grave 1187, who was adorned with a bronze fibula, an iron fibula, a sapropelite bracelet, two fragments of a glass bracelet, and was accompanied by three ceramic vessels and animal bones.
    The individuals yielding samples I18490 and I18492 are brothers.
    Prague-Jinonice (Holmanʼs Garden Centre), Prague 5 district, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Rescue excavations by the City of Prague Museum on the former site of Holman’s Garden Centre, during construction of the Prague metro in 1984–6, yielded a multi-period funerary site yielding graves from the Neolithic, Eneolithic, Early Bronze Age (Únětice culture) and La Tčne period. The site is located in the south-western part of Prague at an altitude of about 320m asl, in the so-called Prague Barrandien Basin (Prague Plateau). The site contained: a few graves dating to the Neolithic (three Stroked Pottery inhumation graves with five burials, Petriščáková et al. 2016, graves 52, 70, 75) and Eneolithic (graves 66, 87 and 92; unpublished); a partial cemetery of the early Únětice culture, containing 29 graves and the skeletal remains of 41 individuals; and a total of around 55 La Tčne graves (c. fourth–third centuries BCE; La Tčne B1b–La Tčne C1b) containing the skeletal remains of 65 individuals. The La Tčne grave pits were generally rectangular with frequent rounding of the corners. The inhumation burials were predominantly supine, most often with the head towards the north-north-east, north or north-east. Preservation of the skeletal remains was generally poor.
    Iron Age (La Tčne)
    Thirty-one samples (19 petrous bones and 12 teeth) from individuals from the La Tčne cemetery (c. fourth–third centuries BCE; La Tčne B1b–La Tčne
    • an individual aged 30–50 years in grave 7 (2905; 7, P7A-16101), accompanied by ‘warrior’ style grave goods including an iron sword, an iron spear tip, and iron spike, iron shield fittings and an iron bracelet, yielding sample I17314 (male)
    I16327 (from the same site that yielded I17607 -- fellow DF19>DF88>FGC11833>S4281 sample who looks like he's from the Netherlands)
    Stradonice, Louny district, North-West Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Rescue excavation conducted in 1960 by A. Beneš (Institute of Archaeology Prague, Most branch) in a c. 500m trench for water pipeline, recorded 17 features dating from the Neolithic to the La Tčne period, including four inhumation burials of the Early Iron Age Bylany culture (c. 800–550 BCE) (Beneš and Koutecký 1970; Chochol 1970).

    Samples from four individuals from these burials were successfully analysed for aDNA. A petrous bone from an individual aged 30–40 years in grave 5 (2114; gr. 5, P7A-32598; Chochol 1970, 540–1), accompanied by at least ten ceramic vessels, a bronze torc and a bronze ring (Beneš and Koutecký 1970, 516–519, fig. 1, 3 and 4, tab. II:1–3 and III:1), yielded sample I16329 (female). A tooth from an adult (burial 2) in double-grave 9 (2569; gr. 9, burial 2, P7A-32601; Chochol 1970, 541), accompanied by at least six ceramic vessels (Beneš and Koutecký 1970, 523, fig. 1 and 6, tab. III:3), yielded sample I17607 (male).

    Petrous bones were also taken from two individuals in grave 10, which anthropological analysis has revealed contained at least five individuals (Chochol 1970, 541–3), together with at least eight ceramic vessels, fragments of a bronze vessel, a bronze bracelet, a possible bronze needle, five bronze rings, three bronze fittings, fragments of two iron fibulae and a possible iron spear (Beneš and Koutecký 1970, 523–7, fig. 1, 7 and 8, tab. I, II:5–6 and III:4–7):
    • an individual aged 30–50 years (2112; gr. 10, burial 4, P7A-32605) yielded sample I16327
    And finally an England IA sample!
    Worlebury, Somerset, England, UK
    Worlebury Camp, Somerset, is a large, multivallate Iron Age hillfort, located on a coastal promontory overlooking the Bristol Channel. It was subject to antiquarian excavations in the 1850s and 1880s and yielded a range of human remains from various contexts including storage pits and deposits relating to a potential massacre (Cunliffe 2004, 136; Dymond 1902). The specific contexts of the surviving human remains are unknown. [sad trombone] Five human petrous bones were successfully analysed for aDNA: sample I11142 (male; a17 SID6), dating to 2103±27 BP (SUERC-94960; 197–44 cal BCE); sample I11143 (male; a22 SID7, box 20), dating to 2146±30 BP (SUERC-94961; 352–53 cal BCE); sample I11991 (male; Skull 15), dating to 2133±30 BP (SUERC-94962; 349–50 cal BCE);
    R1b>M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>DF19>DF88>FGC11833 >S4281>S4268>Z17112>BY44243

    Ancestors: Francis Cooke (M223/I2a2a) b1583; Hester Mahieu (Cooke) (J1c2 mtDNA) b.1584; Richard Warren (E-M35) b1578; Elizabeth Walker (Warren) (H1j mtDNA) b1583;
    John Mead (I2a1/P37.2) b1634; Rev. Joseph Hull (I1, L1301+ L1302-) b1595; Benjamin Harrington (M223/I2a2a-Y5729) b1618; Joshua Griffith (L21>DF13) b1593;
    John Wing (U106) b1584; Thomas Gunn (DF19) b1605; Hermann Wilhelm (DF19) b1635

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    Gold Class Member
    aDNA Match (1st)
    VK245 Sandoy Faroe islands early medieval
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    I21275 England Middle Iron Age
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    I19874 England Middle Iron Age
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Normandie Orkney Netherlands Friesland East Frisia Finland
    Distance to: angle
    0.01954268 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK245
    0.01966867 England_MIA:I21275
    0.02210905 England_MIA:I19874
    0.02245212 VK2020_DNK_Sealand_VA:VK385
    0.02427569 England_MIA_LIA:I19042
    0.02510844 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK234
    0.02519733 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK123
    0.02531439 England_MIA_low_res:I11146
    0.02541527 VK2020_ISL_Hofstadir_VA:VK111
    0.02606529 England_MIA:I11147
    0.02631986 VK2020_Faroes_EM:VK25
    0.02638952 England_MIA:I13727
    0.02643089 England_LIA:I27379
    0.02686999 England_IA:I16439
    0.02707632 CZE_LBA_Knoviz:I15956
    0.02714638 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I5510
    0.02722944 England_MIA:I21276
    0.02749218 England_MIA:I19854
    0.02759280 ITA_Collegno_MA:CL92
    0.02792509 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK30
    0.02796148 VK2020_SWE_Skara_VA:VK31
    0.02801865 England_EIA:I11149
    0.02801921 England_LIA:I21302
    0.02836956 England_MIA:I13717
    0.02876471 England_MIA_LIA:I14353
    North and West European 55.8%
    English 28.5%
    Baltic 11.5%
    Finnish 4.2%
    GENETIC GROUPS Scotland (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire)

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    aDNA Match (1st)
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    England_MIA_LIA Wiltshire:I21314
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    France Bretagne Trégor France Bretagne Kroaz Du
    Distance to: Trelvern_scaled

    0.02086605 England_MBA:I19857
    0.02363047 England_MIA_LIA:I21314
    0.02385068 VK2020_DNK_Sealand_VA:VK369
    0.02425051 England_MIA:I14859
    0.02429543 England_MIA:I20587
    0.02448040 England_IA:I16457
    0.02495777 England_EastYorkshire_MIA:I14100
    0.02500992 England_MIA:I14380
    0.02501223 England_LBA:I14379
    0.02511648 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I13759
    0.02537645 ISL_Viking_Age_Pre_Christian:SBT-A-1
    0.02565947 England_MIA_LIA:I21312
    0.02575784 HUN_MA_Szolad:SZ38
    0.02612699 VK2020_England_Oxford_VA:VK150
    0.02615041 England_MIA:I3014
    0.02624939 England_MIA_LIA:I21310
    0.02639226 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA:I12411
    0.02650969 England_MIA_highEEF:I20583
    0.02691119 England_MIA:I14860
    0.02696857 England_MIA:I17016
    0.02717824 England_EastYorkshire_MIA:I12412
    0.02763720 England_Roman:S14491
    0.02766124 England_MIA:I14551
    0.02790591 England_MIA_LIA:I21311
    0.02792146 England_MIA:I11156
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    Northern Ireland
    Northern Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    Y-DNA (M)

    Northern Ireland Ireland Scotland
    Here is a useful site for the novices like myself, that maps the location of the samples:

    There is useful information such as Y-DNA hall groups and ages.

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    Kaikavian Croatian
    aDNA Match (1st)
    Viking Denmark: VK274
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    Avar time Slav: Av1
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    La Tene Celt: I20752
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    Croatia European Union
    Here is the list of my closest samples (in majority Baltic shifted samples):

    Distance to: ph2ter_scaled

    0.01840835 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA__VK274
    0.02473108 HUN_Avar_Szolad__Av1
    0.02885280 HUN_IA_La_Tene__I20752
    0.03098350 VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA__VK473
    0.03130409 SVK_IA_Vekerzug__I5288
    0.03152277 SWE_Viking_Age_Sigtuna__vik_grt036
    0.03181946 HUN_LaTene_IA__I20774
    0.03262038 VK2020_UKR_Chernigov_VA__VK542
    0.03307410 CZE_Early_Slav__RISE569
    0.03307699 VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA__VK53
    0.03405119 DEU_Krakauer_Berg_MA__KRA010
    0.03519087 HUN_IA_La_Tene_o__I18183
    0.03528777 VK2020_UKR_Lutsk_MA__VK541
    0.03541179 CZE_IA_La_Tene__I16272
    0.03559475 DEU_Krakauer_Berg_MA__ERR4300342
    0.03580463 VK2020_RUS_Ladoga_VA__VK19
    0.03636096 VK2020_England_Oxford_VA__VK145
    0.03686527 VK2020_RUS_Gnezdovo_VA__VK272
    0.03725642 CZE_EBA_Unetice__I14192
    0.03728097 RUS_Sunghir_MA__Sunghir6
    0.03735848 CZE_LBA_Knoviz__I16089
    0.03744921 DEU_Krakauer_Berg_MA__KRA002
    0.03788279 VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA__VK362
    0.03849552 VK2020_RUS_Gnezdovo_VA__VK273
    0.03879530 Migration__POH11
    Some simple calculations, maps and plots I make for free, but for more complicated maps, plots and calculations I ask for a donation of $2 or €1.7 per map/plot via Hidden Content PayPalHidden Content account.
    Every fourth map is free. Admix decomposition is $7 or €6.

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