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Thread: Help with the French genetic profile (Norman vs Aquitaine vs Flanders, etc)

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    Help with the French genetic profile (Norman vs Aquitaine vs Flanders, etc)

    I am trying to rationalize by auDNA results with my ancestry on paper. I am descended from British and French colonists of North America such that around 40% of my family tree on paper originated in France. My results from commercial testing sites are sporadic. The breakdown is as follows: [Ancestry - England & NW Europe 45%, Scotland 20%, Ireland 18%, Sweden & Denmark 10%, Wales 6%, Indigenous Americas 1%], [FTDNA: England, Wales, & Scotland 47%, Ireland 22%, Central Europe 19%, Greece & Balkans 7%, Italian 4%], [MyHeritage: North and West Europe 51.8%, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 28.1%, Iberian 16.7%]

    Ancestry does not seem to pick up much of my French, while the other two sites seem to put France and Germany together, meanwhile, MyHeritage leaves out any English when it is predominant in the other two. Eurogenes has my profile closer to SE England, SW England, and North Dutch.

    Anyway, to get to my question, I went back and looked at my paper tree to see where in France my ancestors originated from and it seems that they came from various regions. I have several from Normandy, Burgundy, Flanders, and some from Aquitaine and Paris. Would these regions have differing genetic profiles or would they all seem mostly Germanic?

    I get this question a lot when I am helping people in my area with their genealogy as they expect their ethnicity results to match what is on paper.

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