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Thread: Whole genome analysis sheds light on the genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering

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    Whole genome analysis sheds light on the genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering

    Whole genome analysis sheds light on the genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering Hungarians

    Zoltan Maroti, Endre Neparaczki, Oszkar Schutz, Kitti Maar, Gergelyx I. B. Varga, Bence Kovacs, Tibor Kalmar, Emil Nyerki, Istvan Nagy, Dora Latinovics, Balazs Tihanyi, Antonia Marcsik, Gyorgy Palfi, Zsolt Bernert, Zsolt Gallina, Ciprian Horvath, Sandor Varga, Laszlo Kolto, Istvan Rasko, Peter L. Nagy, Csilla Balogh, Albert Zink, Frank Maixner, Anders Gotherstrom, Robert George, Csaba Szalontai, Gergely Szenthe, Erwin Gall, Attila P. Kiss, Zsofia Racz, Bence Gulyas, Bernadett Ny. Kovacsoczy, Szilard Sandor Gaal, Peter Tomka, Tibor Torok


    Huns, Avars and conquering Hungarians were Migration Period nomadic groups which arrived in three successive waves in the Carpathian Basin between the 5th and 9th centuries. Based on historical data each of these groups are thought to have arrived from Asia, although their exact origin and relation to other ancient and modern populations has been debated. In this study we have sequenced 9 Hun, 143 Avar and 113 Hungarian conquest period samples, and identified three core populations, representing immigrants from each period, with no recent European ancestry. Our results suggest that this immigrant core of both Huns and Avars originated in present day Mongolia, and their origin can be traced back to Xiongnus. On the other hand, the immigrant core of the conquering Hungarians derived from an earlier admixture of Mansis, early Sarmatians and descendants of late Xiongnus. In addition, we detected shared Hun-related ancestry in numerous Avar and Hungarian conquest period genetic outliers indicating a genetic link between these successive nomadic groups. Aside from the immigrant core groups we identified that the majority of the individuals from each period were local residents, harboring native European ancestry.

    As for the native European people, it should be noted that it was discovered that the population of Neolithic Hungary harbored East Asian mtDNA lineages (the appearance of the East Asian mtDNA is in line with an elucidation of the formation of the genetic makeup of some Near Eastern Neolithic samples related to the Anatolian Neolithic farmers and to the EEF (European Neolithic farmers).)

    HVS-I polymorphism screening of ancient human mitochondrial DNA provides evidence for N9a discontinuity and East Asian haplogroups in the Neolithic Hungary
    Zsuzsanna Guba, Éva Hadadi, Ágnes Major, Tünde Furka, Emese Juhász, Judit Koós, Károly Nagy & Tamás Zeke

    Interestingly, similarities in pottery with Chinese neolithic pottery were reported for the neighboring Neolithic Vinča culture. There was the Vinča proto-writing (known as the Danube script, Vinča signs, Vinča script, Vinča–Turdaș script) in the Neolithic Vinča culture. The Neolithic Vinča culture is considered by some as a possible source for cuneiform writing in the Sumerian language.
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    Last of the Mohicans
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Turkey Afsharid Dynasty
    Haplogroup table is mess, hopefully someone else will reanalyze these samples.
    Of all the countries, this is possibly the most beautiful. All that is beautiful and can be rarely seen in
    other countries can be seen everywhere here... Here live the people who wear the cleanest clothes and prepare the
    most flavorful dishes... Of all of God’s servants, the local people are the most compassionate and merciful...

    Ibn Battuta about Asia Minor 1333CE

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    Y-DNA (P)
    Y-DNA (M)

    LabID	Archaeological_culture	archaeological_age _(century or year CE)	MT_Hg_(Haplogrep)	Y_Hg_(Yleaf)	Y_Hg_marker
    FGDper4	Early Avar military leader	620-660	B4b1a3a	C2a1a1b1b	C-Y10442/etc*(xZ31688,Z31693)
    LBper1432	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	U4d2	C2a1a1b1b	C2a1a1b1b
    PVper200	Late Avar	700-730	W3a1d	C2a1a1b1b	C-Y11630/etc*(xZ31690,Z31693)
    PVper205	Late Avar	775-830	H5a1	C2a1a1b1b	C-Y11630/etc*(xZ31688,Z31693)
    MHper23S	Conq. elite 	10.	N1a1a1a1a	D1a1a1a1b	D-SK2296/etc*(xZ31625)
    HHper10	Late Avar	710-750	J1c+16261	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2252*(xL17,BY6059,BY5224,Y7028,Z5016,Z37881,A11798,Z17293,BY6600)
    IBEper90	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	R1a	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2243*(xL17,BY6059,L251,Z7019,Z5016,Z37880,Z21356,Z36778,Z36880)
    SZKper102 	Early Avar	620-660	H6a1a	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2252*(xL17,BY6062,BY5242,S3015,CTS2001,CTS10052,BY4610,B415,Z21355,Z17293)
    SZKper83	Middle Avar	650-675	K1a5a	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2252*(xZ36786,BY6058,L252,Y7028,Y3856,CTS4594,Z37883,Z21355,Z17293)
    SZKTper311	Late Avar	700-830	K1c1e	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-FGC11422*(xL17,A2192,L252,S3015,Z5016,Z37882,A11798,Z17293)
    SZMper259	Middle Avar	7.	U1a1a2	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2243*(xZ36788,BY6060,L250,S3015,CTS2001,CTS7903,BY4610,B415,PF6778,Z17293)
    SZODper376	Conq. commoner 	11. (2nd half)	H6b	E1b1b1a1b1~	E-PF2252/etc*(xL17,BY6059,BY5224,Y7028,Z5016,Z37882,Z42778,BY6600)
    ALTper442	Middle-Late Avar	670-750	K2a6	E1b1b1a1b1a	E-PF2211/etc*(xL17,BY6062,BY5219,S3015,Z5016,Z37880,PF6778,Z17293)
    KKper541	Late Avar	7. (end)	H1au	E1b1b1a1b1a	E-PF2211/etc*(xL17,BY6063,L250,S3003,S24009,CTS10052,Z37883,Z21356,Z42778)
    KKper251	Late Avar	7. (end)	H3ag	E1b1b1a1b1a10a2	E-Z21363/etc*(xZ21360,BY5520,BY5675,BY5670,BY5650,BY5625,BY5575,BY5502)
    SZKTper70	Late Avar	700-830	H1h1	E1b1b1a1b1a10a2	E-Z21357/etc*(xZ21358,Z38769,BY5675,BY5670,BY5650,BY5625,BY5500)
    PLEper23 merged	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	T2d3	E1b1b1a1b1a10b	E-FGC11451*(xZ37871,Z37873,FGC11446,Y17354,BY7875)
    SZKTper265	Late Avar	8.	U2e1b1	E1b1b1a1b1a10b	E-B409/etc*(xZ37870,FGC11450)
    SZKper130	Late Avar	700-750	H	E1b1b1a1b1a10g1~	E-A10158
    TCSper18	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	J1c3f	E1b1b1a1b1a15a1~	E-BY6245
    SSDper144	Middle Avar	670-710	H1at	E1b1b1a1b1a16a~	E-BY5023*(xA11182,BY5153)
    KKper252	Late Avar	7. (end)	HV1b	E1b1b1a1b1a5a2~	E-Z36885
    PVper12	Late Avar	700-750	HV0e	E1b1b1a1b1a6~	E-Z5016*(xY3856,CTS6606)
    TMHper199	Late Avar	700-760	HV+16311	E1b1b1a1b1a6~	E-Z5016*(xZ42776,Z21297,Z38664,BY4228,BY4529,BY4350,S19928,BY4584,CTS5415,BY4610)
    SZODper829	Early Avar 	620-660	HV4a1	E1b1b1a1b1a6a~	E-CTS6377/etc*(xZ21298,Z38664,BY4222,BY4545,BY4330,BY4362,BY4425,S19928,BY4601)
    OBTper51	Late Avar	700-750	H74	E1b1b1a1b1a6a1~	E-CTS9320*(xZ42777,Z21298,Z38664,BY4225,BY4281,BY4361,BY4425,S19928)
    SHper182	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	HV15	E1b1b1a1b1a6a1~	E-CTS9320*(xZ21302,BY4228,A10953,BY4281,BY4361,Z17107)
    OBTper106	Late Avar	8.	A+152+16362	E1b1b1a1b1a6a1b~	E-A10955/etc
    ALTper369	Late Avar	710-750	T2a1b1a	E1b1b1a1b1a9	E-Z42778*(xCTS9006,Z36880)
    SZMper255	Middle Avar	650-710	R0a1a	E1b1b1a1b2~	E-FGC2671/etc*(xM148,L674,CTS859,Z42909,Z36760,Y20406,PH3961,Z36765,PH2121,BY7350,BY7400,AM00058,BY7445,BY7700)
    SZMper332	Late Avar	700-750	K1c1	E1b1b1a1b2c1a~	E-BY7452
    SEper114	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	U4	E1b1b1b1b1~	E-FGC18894*(xZ36214,FGC18990,PF2443^)
    MHper137S	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	H11a	G1a1a2a~	G-Z26335
    SEOper4	Conq. elite 	10.	T2g1a	G2a1a1a1a~	G-Z6632/etc*(xZ6638)
    2043Bolzano 	Neolithic	5000 BC	H46	G2a2a1a	G-PF3177*(xY14946,S22038,Z31433,FT69996)
    KKper245	Middle-Late Avar	7. (end)	N1b1a2	G2a2b1a1a1a	G-FGC5185*(xZ17086,Y92117,FGC5115,PF3321,Z46019)
    2039Bolzano	Middle Avar	8.	H16c	G2a2b1b1a2~	G-FGC41451*(xBY151009,Z39937,Z45397,BY187643,FT29722,FGC41449,Z31416)
    HMSZper50	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	H1u2	G2a2b2a1a1a2a	G-S10139/etc*(xY32922,Y110694,FGC21512,Y142023)
    HMSZper231	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	U4a	G2a2b2a1a1a2a1	G-Z44223*(xY32922,Y105464^)
    K2per33 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	U4a1b2	G2a2b2a1a1b1a1a1a1a	G-Y11076.2*(xF1300.2,Z44715,Z31316,BY90857,Z45512,Z45925,BY71145)
    2047Bolzano 	Neolithic	5000 BC	J1c2	G2a2b2a3	G-Z40484/etc*(xZ40486,Z6359)
    IBEper154	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	K2b2	I1a1a1~	I-S4767*(xS4763,Y17936,Y24819,S24397,Y6348,Y6339)
    SZMper24	Middle Avar	>660	H1c	I1a1a1a1a~	I-Y4782/etc*(xY19809,Y7925)
    SSDper151	Middle Avar	670-710	J1c10	I1a1a1a1a1~	I-A11382
    PLEper28S	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	U2e1b	I1a1b1a1e2f~	I-FGC14508*(xFGC22128,FGC33462)
    PLEper115 merged	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (2nd third)	N1a1a1a1a	I1a1b1a1e2f1~	I-FGC22129*(xFGC23758,FGC22134)
    PLEper216 merged	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	C4a2c	I1a1b1a1e2f1~	I-FGC22129/etc*(xFGC23758,FGC22128)
    SZMper38	Middle Avar	~650	T2b	I1a2a2	I-Z2041*(xY3564,Z44266,Z26340,FGC24368,Y5391)
    HHper22	Late Avar	670-750	U5a1g	I1a2a2a3~	I-Y3643*(xZ2042)
    K2per26S	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	T1a1	I1a3	I-S243*(xFGC9519,S17023,FGC14493,A8229,PH2195,Y7073,Y14661,Y13961,S19965)
    MHper88	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	T1a4	I1a3a~	I-FGC9505*(xFGC9509,FGC14870,FGC14479,Y20876,Y24458,Y16523,S2097)
    TMHper509	Late Avar	800-830	A8a1	I1a3a1a2~	I-FGC14870*(xS15301,L1243)
    TMHper798	Late Avar	8.	H3h	I1a3a1a2~	I-FGC14870*(xS15301,L1243)
    HMSZper43	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	U5a1c2a1	I2a1a2b1a1a	I-S20602*(xYP205,Y3118,S8201,A6106,Y18332)
    MHper4	Conq. elite 	10.	N1a1a1a1a	I2a1a2b1a1a	I-S9952*(xYP205,Y10622,S8201,A6106,A7134)
    MHper9 merged	Conq. elite 	10.	T1a	I2a1a2b1a1a	I-S20602*(xY3548,Y4460,A16413,Y18331)
    SPper10	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	B4d1	I2a1a2b1a1a1	I-S17250/etc*(xBY128,A811,FGC30458,Y15928,A12505,A356,A5913,PH3310,A13908)
    SHper251	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	U5a1a1a	I2a1a2b1a1a1b	I-Y4882*(xY15928,A12505)
    K2per16	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	X2l	I2a1a2b1a1a2	I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)
    K2per52 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	X2f	I2a1a2b1a1a2	I-Y4460*(xY5598,Y13498,Y16810)
    K3per12 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	A13	I2a1a2b1a1a2	I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)
    PVper125	Middle Avar	650-710	H17	I2a1b1a2a1a1~	I-S8269/etc*(xS23612)
    IBEper107	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	I5a2+16086	I2a1b1a2b1a~	I-FGC7880/etc*(xCTS327,FGC3622,S12606,Y7157,Y31861,FGC30184,Y16445,Y22370,Y7205,Y36556)
    SZFper26 	Early Avar	620-660	J1c10	J1a2a1a2d2b2b2c4~	J-YSC0000080/etc*(xPF4879,FGC8183,FGC17145,FGC35123,FGC22720,ZS6157,ZS1559,Z18186,ZS1542,FGC15940,CTS6152,FGC11,PF4865)
    SZFper43	Early Avar	7. 	W1c	J1a2a1a2d2b2b2c4b~	J-YSC0000076/etc*(xZS1530,FGC8183,FGC17146,SK1303,FGC22720,FGC17148,Z18186,ZS1711,FGC15938)
    FUper193	Early Avar	650-750	U3b1b	J2a~	J-F1183/etc*(xCTS758,Y21765)
    PLEper195S	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	H1a	J2a1a1a2b2a2b2b~	J-Z6271
    VPBper167	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	T2b+152	J2a1a1a2b2a3b1a1b~	J-Y17946*(xY142864)
    SHper2	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	H1c	J2a1a1a2b2a3b1b~	J-CTS6804*(xY33329,Y3640)
    BKper2	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	U5a2b2a	J2a1a1b2a1a2	J2a1a4b J-L25*(xM137,L192.2)
    KDAper485	Middle Avar	7. (end)	I5	J2a1a1b2a1a2a	J-SK1382*(xFGC30675)
    KPMper23	Middle Avar	710-750	H5a2	J2a1a1b2a1b1	J-L397*(xPH2725,FGC52116,Z40772)
    KPMper14	Early-Middle Avar	620-660	H13a2c1	J2a1a1b2a1b1b~	J-PF5430*(xF801,Z2177,FGC6750,FGC54172)
    SSDper198	Middle Avar	670-710	H	J2a1a2b2a2~	J-Y14449*(xZ27879,Y21178)
    VPBper307	Late Avar elite	9.	H2a1	J2b2a1	J-Z595/etc*(xAM00228,YP155)
    SPper2	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	C4a1a3	J2b2a1a1a1a1a	J-Z1297*(xCTS1317,Y27523)
    ALTper77	Early-Middle Avar	620-675	H13a2c1	J2b2a1a1a1a1a1b~	J-Y21878*(xY37121)
    KeF2per14	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	N1a1a1a1	N1a1a1~	N-M2092*(xZ19806^,FGC12503)
    K2per29 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	J1b1a1+146	N1a1a1a1a2~	N-CTS1223*(xCTS11520,F859)
    SZAKper1	Conq. elite 	10.	T2d1b1	N1a1a1a1a2~	N1a1a1a1a2
    SOper5	Conq. elite 	10.	C4a1	N1a1a1a1a2a1c~	N-Y13851/etc*(xY24219,Y24361)
    PLEper95	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (1st half)	H16a1	N1a1a1a1a2a1c1~	N-Y24219*(xY24227)
    ACGper19	Early Avar	620-660	H52	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16223/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
    CSPFper114	Early Avar	620-660	D4o1	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-F4284/etc*(xZ35309,Y16313)
    CSPFper182	Middle Avar	670-710	C4a2c	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16222/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
    CSPFper213	Late Avar	700-750	B4b1a3a	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16310/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
    CSPFper37	Middle Avar	670-710	U5a1b1	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-F3271/etc*(xZ35308,Y16313)
    KFPper31	Early Avar	620-660	B4c1b2	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-F4284/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
    KFPper6	Early Avar leader	620-660	H1a3	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16219/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
    KKper670	Late Avar	8. (middle)	C4	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16223/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
    MTper23	Middle Avar	670-710	J1c2c2a	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16222/etc*(xZ35307,Z35319,Y16316,Z35327)
    MTper74	Middle Avar	670-710	A+152+16362	N1a1a1a1a3a	N-Y16327/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
    CSper465	Early Avar elite	7. (middle third)	C4b6	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-Y16313/etc*(xB220,F2288,Z38344,Z35331)
    FUper215	Early Avar	620-660	[email protected]	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-B219*(xZ35319,Y16316,Z35327)
    KKper445	Late Avar	8. (middle)	HV0	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-Y16221/etc*(xZ35322,Y16316,Z35328)
    KVper3369	Early Avar elite	670-710	G2b2	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-B219*(xY16330,Z38344,Z35339)
    MTper29	Early Avar	620-660	U5b2a2b	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-B219*(xY16316,Z35328)
    SZODper554	Early Avar 	620-660	G2b2	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-B219/etc*(xB220,F2288,Z35327)
    TTSZper43	Late Avar	730-830	M7c1a1a1	N1a1a1a1a3a2	N-Y16313/etc*(xZ35322,Y16316,Z35328)
    KDper16	Middle Avar	7.	U1b2	N1a1a1a1a4	N-M2118/etc*(xM2103,A9408)
    KHper500	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	K1a	N1a1a1a1a4	N-M1992/etc*(xM2108)
    AGYper92	Conq. elite 	10.	D4j5a	N1a1a1a1a4a2~	N-A9408
    KeF2per15 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	C4b	Q1a1a1	Q-Y532/etc*(xY542,PH1003)
    ARKper29	Late Avar	8.	Z1a	Q1a2a1~	Q-Y9300/etc*(xZ35997,B278,B279,FGC7020,BZ658)
    MMper227	Early Avar 	568-625	H1bn	Q1a2a1~	Q-Y11671/etc*(xZ35994,Z36001,Z36004,FGC7020,BZ642)
    MMper268	Early Avar 	600-625	N9a9	Q1a2a1~	Q-YP840/etc*(xZ35994,Z35999,Z36002,FGC7020,BZ639)
    ARKper17	Late Avar	8.-9.	HV0e	Q1a2a1a~	Q-Y10786*(xZ35994,Z36001,B279,FGC7020)
    ARKper19	Late Avar	8.-9.	Z1a	Q1a2a1a~	Q-L713*(xZ35994,B278,Z36003,FGC7020)
    ARKper24	Late Avar 	8.-9.	T1a5	Q1a2a1a~	Q-L713/etc*(xZ35996,B278,Z36002,FGC7015,YP1679)
    ARKper36	Late Avar	8	G3a3	Q1a2a1a~	Q-L713*(xB277,Z36001,B279,FGC7020)
    ARKper6	Late Avar	8	T2	Q1a2a1a~	Q-Y10786/etc*(xZ35996,Z35999,Z36003,FGC7020)
    ARKper50	Late Avar	9. (1st third)	D4b1	Q1a2a1a4a1~	Q-BZ1000
    VPBper310	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	D4e4	Q1b1a3b1	Q-BZ99*(xB30)
    SEper23	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	J1c3k	Q2b2~	Q-YP4495/etc*(xY29466)
    K1per3286	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	H3am	R1a1a1b~	R-CTS5508/etc*(xAM01874,CTS456,V3092,YP1155,S443,YP5885,YP5822,YP5971,AM00480,Z2125,F1345,Y62,M12222,CTS11926,YP1452,YP5323,YP1506,Y20793,Y35117,YP5589)
    KFPper30a	Early Avar	620-660	B4b1a3a	R1a1a1b~	R-CTS9754/etc*(xAM01874,S204,S443,Y17491,YP4758,AM00479,Z2125,S4576,Y38,FGC30890,YP1451,YP5323,YP1508,Y20788,Y35117,YP5585)
    OBTper3	Late Avar	750-800	H1	R1a1a1b1a2a~	R-CTS9412/etc*(xYP569,YP270,Z685)
    OBTper56	Late Avar	700-750	H1	R1a1a1b1a2a~	R-CTS9412*(xYP577,YP1700,BY30708,YP5523,YP272,Z685)
    SHper98	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	T2b	R1a1a1b1a2a3~	R-Z685*(xS3354)
    KAUK11	Subbotyic	9.-10.	J1c	R1a1a1b1a2b3a~	R-S3358/etc*(xFGC19244,FGC13685,YP5202,YP578,FGC21228,S3359,FGC15007)
    SEIper5	Hun period	4. (end)-5. (1st half)	T1a1	R1a1a1b1a2b3a1~	R-FGC13709*(xYP297,FGC19224,Y17519,FGC13685,Y9082,FGC21231)
    SEIper1	Hun period	4. (end)- 5. (1st half)	T1a1	R1a1a1b1a2b3a1a~	R-FGC19233/etc*(xYP297,FGC19221,Y17526)
    K1per10	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	U3b1b	R1a1a1b1a2b3a1a1a~	R-YP295/etc*(xYP346,Y22701)
    KAUK10	Subbotyic	9.-10.	J1c	R1a1a1b1a2b3a1c~	R-Y9082/etc*(xYP5191,YP1112,Y35751,Y10802)
    AGYper75	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	H5a1	R1a1a1b1a2b3a3~	R-Y36*(xFGC11514,Y18328,Y35213,BY32474,YP6088,FGC56514,YP4968,PH3519,YP5918,FGC4531,PH3782)
    TMHper388	Middle Avar	7.	U4a	R1a1a1b1a2b3a3a2~	R-FGC10190/etc*(xCTS11142,YP1447,Y35213,BY32477,YP6085,Y4383,FGC56507,FGC10352)
    HMSZper88	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	C5b1a	R1a1a1b1a3a2b2b1~	R-S5730*(xYP5861,S5731)
    ARKper49	Late Avar	9. (1st third)	H3	R1a1a1b2~	R-AM01870*(xAM00483,Z2124,M12253,FGC30891,Y20793,Y35117,YP5585)
    NKper2 	Conq. elite 	10.	C4d	R1a1a1b2~	R-AM01870*(xF3568,YP1451,YP5323,YP1508,Y20787,Y34305,Y24737)
    JHTper130	Late Avar	8.-9.	H+152	R1a1a1b2a~	R-F3568*(xAM00480,SUR1,M12301,M4367,Y29561,YP1344,YP5505,F1345,Y51,Y38,CTS11926)
    JHTper154	Middle-Late Avar	7.-8.	H14b	R1a1a1b2a~	R-F3568*(xAM00483,Z2123,M12301,FGC48782,YP1557,S23201,S4576,CTS11926)
    DKper701	Early Avar military leader	620-660	V1a1	R1a1a1b2a2a3~	R-S23592/etc*(xFGC48759,PH1397,Y12480,Y60362)
    JHTper30	Late Avar	780-820	H2a1	R1a1a1b2a2a3~	R-YP349/etc*(xFGC48792,YP1557,S23201)
    HUNper1	Hun period	5. (2nd third)	M7c1a1a1	R1a1a1b2a2a3c~	R-S23201*(xYP1348,Y65081)
    SZRVper147	Middle Avar	8.	K1a4j	R1a1a1b2a2a3c~	R-S23201*(xY12888,Y70173)
    SZRVper168	Late Avar	8.	T2b	R1a1a1b2a2a3c~	R-S23201*(xYP1346,Y73177)
    SZRVper277	Late Avar	8.	T2b4+152	R1a1a1b2a2a3c~	R-S23201*(xYP1348,Y71273)
    VZper12673	Hun period	5. 	D4j12	R1a1a1b2a2a3c2~	R-S12380/etc*(xY73177)
    SZODper566	Conq. commoner 	10.	N9a9	R1a1a1b2a2b1d2~	R-YP4768/etc*(xPH1197)
    HUNper3	Hun period	5. (1st-2nd third)	H5	R1a1a1b2a2b2	R-Y57*(xYP667,Y56)
    K2per61	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	U4d2	R1a1a1b2a2b2~	R-Y62/etc*(xYP636,FGC4547)
    MTper17	Middle Avar	670-710	H2a1f	R1a1a1b2a2b2~	R-Y2169/etc*(xYP632,Y2631,YP1271,FGC4582)
    PLEper200	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	X2f	R1a1a1b2a2b2~	R-Y61/etc*(xYP615,Y2631,YP1271,YP5652)
    ARKper14	Late Avar	9.	H1c20	R1a1a1b2a2b2b~	R-Y60/etc*(xYP1269,FGC4582)
    VPBper279 	Carolingian	9.	U2e1a1	R1a1a1b2a2b2b3a~	R-YP5644
    K2per18	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	T1a1	R1a1a1b2a3b~	R-Y41
    K3per13 merged	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	B4d1	R1b1a1b1a1	R-PF6540*(xL151)
    SZODper394	Conq. commoner 	10.	H6a1b3	R1b1a1b1a1	R-P311/etc*(xL151)
    NTHper19	Conq. commoner 	10.	I4a	R1b1a1b1a1a1a1	R-AM01884/etc*(xFGC3867,A4647)
    SHper175	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	J2b1a	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2a1c2b2	R-FGC12307*(xFGC12312,A6402)
    PLEper38 merged	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	K1a3	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b1b4a1	R-FGC17308
    PLEper384	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (2nd third)	H1q	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b1b4a2	R-FGC17297/etc*(xY6463)
    HMSZper157	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	U3a1b	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2a	R-S271/etc*(xS509,S11003,S16573,FGC19768,FGC23425,S26063)
    ALTper224	Middle Avar	670-710	H1e1b1	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2a1b1b1a1b2a	R-FGC925
    TCSper5	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	U4c2	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2b1a	R-S380/etc*(xFGC10367,S506)
    HUNper2	Hun period	5. (2nd third)	D4j8	R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2b1a~	R-S1746/etc*(xFGC10367,S21728,Z83)
    SHper15	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	H1aj	R1b1a1b1a1a2	R-P312*(xDF27,L409,L671,PF6601,S484,PF4363,S461,Z2247,DF19,DF99,Y18211,ZZ38)
    MSper45	Early Avar	620-660	K1c2	R1b1a1b1a1a2a	R-DF27*(xL629,Z2552,L881,F3867.2,Z222)
    MSper50	Middle Avar	670-710	U5a1g	R1b1a1b1a1a2a	R-DF27*(xS227,Z2552,L881,S359,DF81)
    SZAper7	Conq. commoner 	10.	H1a1c	R1b1a1b1a1a2a1a1~	R-S450/etc*(xS1217)
    SHper19	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	W5	R1b1a1b1a1a2b1	R-L2*(xS255,S369,S257,FGC22963,S22778,FGC31475,FGC22538,BY3487)
    IBEper176	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	H6a1a	R1b1a1b1a1a2b1c1b1a1a	R-FGC5007
    IBEper161	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	V7a	R1b1a1b1a1a2b1c1b3a	R-FGC12383*(xFGC12404)
    SHper1	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	H1c1	R1b1a1b1a1a2b3	R-PF6601*(xL4,S47)
    PLEper441	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (2nd third)	U5a1a1h	R1b1a1b1a1a2c1a4b2c1a	R-Z2183/etc*(xCTS11831)
    HMSZper86	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	H5b	R1b1a1b1b	R-CTS9416*(xL943,L277.1,CTS1843)
    SZKTper62	Late Avar	700-830	V1a1b	R1b1a1b1b	R-CTS9416/etc*(xL943,Z2106)
    NTHper1	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	U5a1d2b	R1b1a1b1b3a	R-CTS1843*(xS12460)
    CSBper3	Hun period	4. (end)- 5. (beginning)	T2b3+151	R1b1a1b1b3a1a1	R-CTS9219*(xA1777)
    SZAper52	Conq. commoner 	10.	T2c1d1	R1b1a1b1b3a2	R-Y14416
    SZKper180 	Middle Avar	650-675	H	R1b1a1b2a2b4	R-PH2558*(xPH4238)
    VPBper561	Conq. commoner 	10.	H17a1	T1a2b	T-L446/etc*(xCTS12204,FGC23010)

    LabID	Archaeological_culture	archaeological_age_(century or year CE)	MT_Hg_(Haplogrep)
    MMper240	Early Avar	600-625	A+152+16362
    SZRVper266	Late Avar	8.	A+152+16362
    SZRVper54	Early Avar	7.	A10
    SZAKper6	Conq. elite 	10.	A16
    ARKper41	Middle-Late Avar	7. (end)	B4b1a3a
    K3per6	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	B4d1
    SZAper154	Conq. commoner 	10.	B5b4
    SHper3	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	C4a1
    KVper3456	Middle-Late Avar elite	670-710	C4a1a
    MMper271	Early Avar 	568-660	C4a1a+195
    SPper9	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd third)	C4a2a1
    NTHper2	Conq. commoner 	10.	C4b
    SHper5	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	D4j+16311
    SZAKper7	Conq. elite 	10.	D5a1
    MMper245	Early Avar	600-625	D5a2a1a1
    MMper434	Early Avar 	620-660	F1b1b
    TCSper2	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	G2a1
    KKper441	Late Avar	8. (middle)	G2a2
    SZODper187	Early Avar	620-660	G2b2
    ARKper21	Late Avar	9. (1st third)	G3a3
    IBEper116	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	H
    K1per1	Conq. elite 	10. (1st half)	H
    KKper429	Middle-Late Avar	8. (middle)	H+152
    HHper102	Middle Avar	670-710	H+195+146
    MHper106	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	H10e
    MHper107 merged	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	H11a7
    SZKper213 	Early Avar	650-675	H13a2b2
    VPBper600	early Árpádian period commoner 	12.	H13a2b2a
    ALTper414	Late Avar	710-830	H13a2c1
    SZAper20	Conq. commoner 	10.	H1a
    KDAper188	Middle Avar	7. (end)	H1aj
    CSUper11	Conq. elite 	10.	H1c
    CSBper9	Early Avar	4. (end)- 5. (beginning)	H1c22
    SEIper6	Hun period	4. (end)-5. (1st half)	H1u
    PVper116	Middle Avar	670-710	H3b6
    VPBper118	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	H47a
    PLEper327	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (2nd third)	H4a1a1a3
    HMSZper229	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	H5
    ANper286	Early Avar	620-660	H56
    SSDper17	Early Avar	620-660	H56
    SZODper426	Conq. commoner 	11.	H6a1a4
    HCper168	Early Avar	620-660	H7
    VPBper31	Late Avar	9.	HV10
    IBEper106	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	HV1a1a
    SZODper76	Early Avar 	620-660	HV2a
    SZAKper4	Conq. elite 	10.	HV4a2a
    KHper596	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	J1b1a1
    SEper16	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	J1b1a2a
    2049Bolzano 	Neolithic	5000 BC	J1c2m
    AGYper49	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	J1c3a2
    ARKper11	Late Avar	8.-9.	J1c3k
    SZAper44	Conq. commoner 	10.	J1c5
    KVper3367	Middle Avar elite	670-710	J1c9
    ARKper43	Late Avar	8.-9.	J2a2b2
    ARKper48	Late Avar	9. (1st third)	J2a2b2
    SSDper58	Early Avar	620-710	J2a2b2
    PLEper57	Conq. commoner 	10. (3rd third)	J2b1c
    HMSZper5	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	K1
    KKper368	Late Avar	7. (end)	K1a2c
    SSDper35	Middle Avar	670-710	K1b1a1+199
    SZLAper646	Hun period	5. (2nd third-middle)	K1c1d
    MSper43	Early Avar	620-660	K1c2
    SZODper127	Early Avar 	620-660	K2a5b
    PLEper418	early Árpádian period commoner 	11. (2nd third)	M1a1b1
    KFPper7	Early Avar leader	620-660	N
    SZRVper212	Late Avar	8.	N1a1a1
    SZRVper67	Late Avar	8.	N1a1a1
    IBEper206	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	N1b1a3
    ALTper596	Late Avar	710-830	T1a1
    KDper29	Middle Avar	7.	T1a1
    OBHper52	Late Avar	650-700	T1a1
    SEper64	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	T1a1
    ARKper16	Late Avar	8.-9.	T1a5
    MMper131	Early Avar	600-625	T2b+152
    TMHper756	Middle Avar	630-670	T2b25
    NTHper20	Conq. commoner 	10.	T2b4a
    KDAper520	Middle Avar	7. (end)	T2c1+146
    HMSZper245	Conq. commoner 	10-11.	T2e
    SHper12S	Conq. commoner 	10. (2nd half)	U2e1
    SEOper3	Conq. elite 	10.	U2e1h
    OBHper37	Late Avar	650-700	U3b1b
    AGYper87	Conq. elite 	10. (2nd half)	U3b2a
    VPBper588	Conq. commoner 	11.	U4
    KVper3450	Late Avar elite	710-750	U4b1a1a
    MHper153 merged	early Árpádian period commoner 	11.	U5a1a2
    KAUK9	Subbotyic	9.-10.	U5a2a1
    ARKper38	Late Avar	8	U5a2b
    OBTper108	Late Avar	8.	U5a2b2a
    MHper14	Conq. elite 	10.	U5b1b
    SZAper29	Conq. commoner 	10.	U8b1b
    SZRVper316	Late Avar	8.	W1e1a
    TMHper1273	Late Avar	750-830	W3b
    SZKTper89	Late Avar	700-750	W5
    KPMper27	Middle-Late Avar	670-750	X2+225
    SZFper181	Early Avar	620-710	X2d
    ALTper412	Late Avar	730-830	X2k
    ANper376	Early Avar	620-660	Y1a1
    SZFper371 	Early Avar	620-660	Y1a1
    ARKper20	Late Avar	8.-9.	Z1a

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afshar View Post
    Haplogroup table is mess, hopefully someone else will reanalyze these samples.
    Their Y-dna was already analyzed in a previous study, only the autosomal is new.

    edit: maybe some new samples were also added. anyway, this is the previous study :
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    Last of the Mohicans
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Turkey Afsharid Dynasty
    My bad I overlooked. Seems a bunch of samples were added. Hope they will add the samples to yfull, will be very useful for the european branches of q-l712!
    Of all the countries, this is possibly the most beautiful. All that is beautiful and can be rarely seen in
    other countries can be seen everywhere here... Here live the people who wear the cleanest clothes and prepare the
    most flavorful dishes... Of all of God’s servants, the local people are the most compassionate and merciful...

    Ibn Battuta about Asia Minor 1333CE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afshar View Post
    Haplogroup table is mess, hopefully someone else will reanalyze these samples.
    How so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bce View Post
    Their Y-dna was already analyzed in a previous study, only the autosomal is new.

    edit: maybe some new samples were also added. anyway, this is the previous study :
    New samples have definitely been added.

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    "Out of the 6 individuals in the Hun-cline (including DA127 and KRY001) four carried
    the R1a1a1b2 (R1a-Z93) Y-chromosomal haplogroup (Y-Hg), and one carried Q

    (Supplementary Table 1a), indicating that these Hg-s could be common among the European
    Huns, most likely inherited from Xiongnus18. Considering all published post-Xiongnu Hun
    era genomes12,13, we counted 10/23 R1a-Z93 and 9/23 Q Hgs, supporting this observation"

    "Xiongnu/Hun-related ancestries were more common in certain cemeteries, for example
    it was detected in most samples from Hortobágy-Árkus (ARK), Szegvár-Oromdűlő (SZOD),
    Makó-Mikócsa-halom (MM) and Szarvas-Grexa (SZRV). Y-chromosomal data seem to
    corroborate this conclusion, as 8/10 males from ARK carried Y-Hg Q, while 2/10 R1a-Z94,
    3/3 males from SZRV carried R1a-Z94 and 2/2 males from MM carried Hg Q
    (Supplementary Table 1a)."

    "Avar_Asia_Core or Xiongnu/Hun-related sources, accompanied by Iranian
    associated 3rd sources (Supplementary Table 7e). This result was again in line with Y-Hg
    data, as nearly all Conquest period males with R1a-Z94 or Q Hgs belonged to the last
    category (Supplementary Table 1a)."
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    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    United States of America England Scotland Ireland Wales Italy Sicily
    I’d like to give credit to EastPole over at Eurogenes. He analyzed the R1a clades in these samples and found the following:

    “‘The rest of our Hun period samples with European genomes carried derivatives of R1a1a1b1, a Hg typical in North-Western Europe, in line with the Germanic affinity of many of these samples, detected with qpAdm’

    But R1a1a1b1 is not a Hg typical in North-Western Europe and cannot be associated with Germanics. Here are the derivatives of R1a1a1b1 found in ancient samples, a typical Slavic Hg in Eastern Europe:


    Not Slavic:

    With the exception of S5730 (Z284), all of these clades fall under the Balto-Slavic Z280 branch.
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    Some of the samples having been analysed for general anthropological characteristics. There is a good number of E-V13 carriers in the sample (about 17 I think), interestingly some of them being described as Mongolid, like ALT-369 with West Eurasian yDNA and mtDNA from the Late Avar period.

    Anthropological analysis:
    Mongolid (Xinid)
    Genetic analysis:
    96% EU_Core3 4% Avar_Asia_Core1

    He's not the only one, next KK1-252:

    Anthropological analysis:
    Genetic analysis:

    Yet another, OBT-106:
    Anthropological analysis:
    Mongolid, with Crom characters
    Genetic analysis:
    30-61% EU_Core 19-57% SlabGrave/lXio/Hun_Sarm2/Hun_Asia_Core 10-20% Sarm/lXio_Han

    There is still another, OBT-51:

    Anthropological analysis:
    Mongolid, Xinid
    Genetic analysis:
    Avar_cline 46-48% EU_Core1 35-44% XiongNu_WE 8-20% Hun_Asia_Core/Avar_Asia_Core/Xianbei/SlabGrave/lXio
    E-CTS9320*(xZ42777,Z21298,Z38664,BY4225,BY4281,BY436 1,BY4425,S19928)

    There was quite a presence of E-V13 in Pannonia, like expected, but interestingly also in more Asian shifted individuals from the Avars too. The anthropological or the genetic analysis might be not on point in every case, rather the first probably, but its still refreshing to have it too, side by side, because it gives additional information on those individuals and their phenotypical appearance.

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