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Thread: Explorations with K13-Derived G25 Sims

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yupi View Post
    South Euboeans were excluded from the study regarding Y DNA of Euboea.

    Some villages in both central and northern Euboea had an Arvanite component in 18th or 17th century.

    As for Pascha which plots more like Mainland it was repopulated in 20th century. So that person could descended from recent mainland migrants.

    In coastal zones there was a higher number of Greek Euboeans.
    Correction -

    Paschna was founded in 1470 and it got recieved new migrants from Samos and from central mountains of Euboea in 19th or 20th century.

    Those South Euboean-like could really be South Euboeans migrants in Chalkida, because it's population was fully Turkish in the Ottoman era. But also they can not be.

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    South Tyrol / Dolomites, Alps, Central Europe

    Austria Tirol Italy Trentino Alto Adige Germany Bayern Italy Veneto France Slovenia
    Quote Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
    The Fourniotes seem to be more "Italian-like" within the East Med continuum, much like the Maniots and the Tsakonians, and are therefore closer to the LBA-IA Greeks on the PCA.
    Interesting: Fournoi Korseon (Isles before Southern West Anatolia), Tsakonia (CE Peloponnese), Mani Peninsula (middle Southern one in Peloponnese). I always question which seafarer/urban cultures were most influential for Pre-Imperial Roman times in the (Upper) Adriatic, so in the Iron Age. By dominance, geography and findings it should be the Mycenaean and then Greek cultures (according to J-L70 discussions a new publication inlcuding Mycenaean samples might be before publication).

    When looking at Iron Age DNA and modern Northern Adriatic (Veneto & Friuli n=10) the following Med/Coastal components come up (which are all a close cluster together with Roman_Kingdom:Urban on the PCA):
    Sicily_Sikanoi 6%
    Greeks_Archaic 3.5%
    Carthage-Empire_Western 1.5%
    Others like Greeks_Bosporus, Phoenician_States, Carthage:Empire_Africa, Ammon_Kingdom score 0.5% or less.

    The difficulty is to what extent Roman Empire and the Republic of Venice contributed to increase those. Without Veneti samples from just the right time this will remain difficult to analyze.
    Particularly interested in: DNA/Admixture from Historical Tyrol, Central Alps and related/connected populations; Y-DNA J2a-M67-L210, J2a-PF5197-PF5169, R1a-M17, R1b-U106-Z372; mtDNA J1b1b, J1c1d2-A11884G, U5a2b2-G10685A, U5b1b1-b-T16192C! Projects: Hidden Content , Hidden Content , J2a-PF5197, ISOGG Wiki, GenWiki (german)

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