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Thread: Ancestry Update + Ethnicity Inheritance (Apr 2022)

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    United Kingdom Germany Bayern Catalonia France Ireland Switzerland
    Quote Originally Posted by passenger View Post
    Really, though, it's pretty much just rewinding to what his results looked like several updates ago.
    This underscores why it's not only important to list the ranges for any ancestry that is given a positive score, but also for any ancestry that has a range at all. Or at least with spread of more than a couple percent from low to high.

    (Edit: As noted in other posts, Ancestry assigns my daughter Germanic Europe and identifies this as being from me. Although her percentage is small -- just 2% -- the range is from 0-23%. There's no telling what sort of range I might actually have even under the current update, since my assigned score was 0. No score, no range -- no matter how many times the algorithm came up with Germanic Europe as a possibility.)

    Since Ancestry allows customers to decide if they'll show all their ancestries to their matches, or only those which are "in-common", these updates which can show a particular ancestry as here at one moment, gone at another, and then back again, shouldn't be taken as the final word. And that being the case, it would be nice to know for every update what some of the other possible choices were considered.

    23andMe at least gives an alternative in the case of a very close call: default to a broader category. Hard to decide between British & Irish versus French & German? Well, maybe it should be labeled "broadly Northwestern European". I know some folks don't like that, but it's better than a forced choice on a close call that turns out to be the wrong choice.

    Showing ranges for the "road(s) not taken" would, I think, give us a better understanding of the possibilities.
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    Besides British-German-Catalan, ancestry includes smaller amounts of French, Irish, Swiss, Choctaw & another NA tribe, possibly Catawba. Avatar picture is: my father, his father, & his father's father; baby is my eldest brother.


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    Good to see people scoring more genuine Germanic ancestry now than English.

    (Not that there is anything wrong with being English)

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    AncestryDNA preview August 2022 sktibo-mom-dad.png

    Scottish is still horribly overestimated for me, yet is now more reasonable for dad.

    Dad is supposed to be 50% English and about 29% Scottish. it's an improvent but still off. For whatever reason instead of dividing mine between Scottish and English at a roughly even level it piles it all into Scotland. It didn't change much. The trace Sardinian is fun to see.
    Mom's Austro-Hungarian German and or Austrian is still being categorized as Sweden/Denmark, but for me it's Germanic. I also got less instead of more Eastern European. 23andme remains as the only test that can detect a decent chunk of Slavic ancestry for me.
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    Flags represent known or paper trail ancestry from greatest to least:
    England, Scotland, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (Galicia Poland) French-Canadian, and Dutch American settlers.

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    United Kingdom Netherlands Mauritius Madagascar India China

    England & Northwestern Europe 32.66 %
    Sweden & Denmark 18.30 %
    Scotland 11.76 %
    Wales 10.96 %
    Central & Eastern China 6.17 %
    Norway 5.85 %
    Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples 3.62 %
    Southern Bantu Peoples 3.24 %
    Southern India 2.45 %
    Eastern Bantu Peoples 1.17 %
    Southeast Asia 1.17 %
    Southern China 0.96 %
    Southern Philippines 0.69 %
    Khoisan, Aka & Mbuti Peoples 0.43 %
    Basque 0.32 %
    Northern Philippines 0.27 %

    So going by the pattern shown below, Northern Philippines and Basque likely won't show on the final update for me due to rounding down to 0%.

    My Mum

    England & Northwestern Europe 52.84 %
    Central & Eastern China 12.23 %
    Southern Bantu Peoples 10.68 %
    Southern India 6.60 %
    Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples 5.10 %
    Southern China 2.84 %
    Northern Philippines 2.36 %
    Southeast Asia 2.09 %
    Southern Philippines 1.34 %
    Eastern Bantu Peoples 1.29 %
    Wales 1.13 %
    Bengal 0.75 %
    Nigeria—East Central 0.54 %
    Khoisan, Aka & Mbuti Peoples 0.21 %

    Khoisan, Aka & Mbuti peoples likely won't show for my mum. Though interesting that it will be there in the coding as I knew it would be coming from her side not my dad's. Though it is small amounts on Ancestry though. It does come up often in other calcs in small amounts as well.

    My Friend

    England & Northwestern Europe 55.75 %
    Scotland 36.43 %
    Ireland 4.29 %
    Norway 2.50 %
    Sweden & Denmark 1.02 %

    Edit: Current 2021 with Hack vs what shows live, interesting


    England & Northwestern Europe 52.16 % (rounded down to 52%)
    Scotland 13.75 % (rounded down to 12%)
    Southern China 7.19 % (rounded up to 8%)
    Sweden & Denmark 6.07 % (rounded down to 6%)
    Wales 5.27 % (rounded down to 5%)
    Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples 4.10 % (rounded down to 4%)
    Southern Bantu Peoples 2.93 % (rounded up to 3%)
    Southern India 2.02 % (rounded down to 2%)
    Germanic Europe 1.76 % (rounded up to 2%)
    Southeast Asia 0.96 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Dai 0.85 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Norway 0.80 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Eastern Bantu Peoples 0.69 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Southern Philippines 0.64 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Khoisan, Aka & Mbuti Peoples 0.48 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Basque 0.32 % (doesn't show)


    England & Northwestern Europe 52.58 % (rounded down to 50%)
    Southern China 16.11 % (rounded down to 16%)
    Southern Bantu Peoples 10.47 % (rounded up to 11%)
    Southern India 6.66 % (rounded up to 8%)
    Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples 5.69 % (rounded up to 6%)
    Northern Philippines 2.09 % (rounded down to 2%)
    Southeast Asia 1.72 % (rounded up to 2%)
    Southern Philippines 1.34 % (rounded up to 2%)
    Wales 1.13 % (rounded down to 1%)
    Eastern Bantu Peoples 1.07 % (rounded down to 1%)
    Bengal 0.75 % (rounded up to 1%)
    Khoisan, Aka & Mbuti Peoples 0.38 % (doesn't appear)


    Scotland 50.82 % (rounded up to 51%)
    England & Northwestern Europe 41.11 % (rounded down to 40%)
    Ireland 2.96 % (rounded up to 3%)
    Wales 2.60 % (rounded up to 3%)
    Norway 2.50 % (rounded up to 3%)
    Last edited by JFWinstone; 08-16-2022 at 09:04 AM. Reason: added in 2021 current hack results
    Ethnogene: 51.4% NW European, 21.6% W European, 10.1% Southeastern African, 9.5% Southeast Asian, 4.4% South Asian, 2% Scandinavian, 1% East African
    Papertrail @ 3xggrandparents: 31.25% London, 21.875% Dorset, 18.75% Mauritius, 6.25% Netherlands, 6.25% China 6.25% Hampshire 6.25% Buckinghamshire 3.125% Somerset

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    Y-DNA (M)

    England Scotland Germany Netherlands
    Quote Originally Posted by Nqp15hhu View Post
    148-79 = 69

    69/10 = 6.9

    6.9/2 = 3.45

    Rounded down to 3% for that chromosome.
    Actually, you have to add one to each chromosome range.

    148-79 =69 plus one = 70
    thus 70/10 =7.0
    7.0/2 = 3.5 so not much difference mathematically, but 3.5 could flip to 3 or 4% in the final display

    In my calculations in message #482, I did not add in the "ones" I mentioned above, so my calculations were consistently on the low side when compared to the gibhub online calculator. My Irish has 14 segments, so I erred by 14 in my total, and my calculation was low by 0.6%.
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    Northern Ireland
    Northern Irish
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    Y-DNA (M)

    Northern Ireland Ireland Scotland
    Iíll be checking last years segments to see if the percentages line up with my actual results.

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    England North of England England Ireland Germany Imperial
    It appears in some regards this update will be more accurate for my parents, reducing my father's inflated Scottish and adding it back to English (10% difference) and showing my mother's German rather than not at all as was the case previously. If you add my mother's Germanic Europe and Sweden/Denmark together it now accounts for 20% or so, which is probably a bit low but better than not at all as in previous results.

    That said they've added 0.10% of a non-European ancestral group to my father's results which was never in any of his previous results nor any other results on other websites, K36, G25, and so on. The fraction is also so small (less than half of a quarter of a percent) that I wonder if it is perhaps some sort of "noise", but in either case a seemingly less accurate addition per paper trail and as mentioned compared with other DNA results.

    Ancestry claims to be refining their updates yet it seems depending on the individual the updates are less accurate per paper trail with each iteration. I wish they'd spend their resources adding something more useful, like a chromosome browser for match comparison or more ways to view matches like Gedmatch.
    Paternal Lineage Origin: Northwest England/Cumbria/Scottish Borders
    Paternal Ancestry: 90+% English (mix of North/North Midlands, West Country, and Kent/East Anglia), 10% Dutch with minor Welsh and Scottish.
    Maternal Ancestry: 50% Irish (mix of Donegal, Clare/Galway, and various Leinster), 40% German (Rhineland, Hesse, Upper Franconia), 10% Welsh (Denbighshire.)

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    Northern Ireland
    Northern Irish
    Y-DNA (P)
    Y-DNA (M)

    Northern Ireland Ireland Scotland
    Older version:
    Ireland 75.20 %
    Scotland 24.80 %

    Actual results

    Ireland: 75%
    Scotland: 25%

    So I suppose that is our results then.

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    My preview results:

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