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Thread: R1b-U152 upgrade (May 2014)

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    R1b-U152 upgrade (May 2014)

    Ladies and gents,

    Following Alpine Hominin's suggestion, we've created an additional subsection under R1b-U152 defined by the L2 mutation.

    After reviewing a 2013 version of U152's phylogeny, I recognise there may be demand for L2's sister subclades as well. We'd be happy to feature these if our U152 members wish to see them on the forum, to better facilitate discussion here.

    If any more threads require moving from the general U152 section, please contact a member of staff. Thank you.

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    ^ Posts moved.

    I would appreciate if any more thread moves are initiated by contacting a moderator rather than posted here, which should cater discussion regarding possible U152 section additions instead.

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