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Thread: How many cousins do you have?

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    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    (U.S.) American
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    United Kingdom Germany Bayern Catalonia France Ireland Switzerland
    I have about thirty biological 1st cousins, plus two more who were adopted. All but two of the biological ones and both of the adopted ones are on my father's side. It likely helps that my paternal grandparents had a dozen offspring and my maternal grandparents had only three.

    Paternal Side

    Four 1st cousins who tested at AncestryDNA

    One half 1st cousin who tested at MyHeritage

    Eight downstream 1st cousins once removed who tested at Ancestry DNA, and two more who tested at 23andMe. By downstream I mean that they are offspring of my 1st cousins.

    One upstream 1st cousin, meaning a 1st cousin to my father.

    One downstream 1st cousin twice removed -- a grandchild to one of my 1st cousins of course.

    Surprisingly, perhaps, I don't have many paternal 2nd cousins who have taken DNA tests -- at least, that I'm aware of -- but I have at least five half 2nd cousins who've tested. All of these are offspring of my grandmother but not my grandfather.

    Maternal Side

    Unfortunately, neither of my biological 1st cousins has taken a DNA test (again, that I'm aware of).

    I do, however, have one upstream 1st cousin once removed on my grandfather's side, meaning a 1st cousin to my mother.

    I also have three 2nd cousins who tested at AncestryDNA, as well as at least one 2nd cousin once removed. In addition, I have one 2nd cousin at 23andMe and two 2nd cousins once removed.

    On my grandmother's side, I have several half 2nd cousins who tested at AncestryDNA. My grandmother's mother was married twice, and these cousins are great grandchildren from her first husband; I'm a great grandchild from the second husband. However, since my great grandmother and her first husband were 2nd cousins to each other, I'm also related to these half 2nd cousins on their great grandfather's side -- but more distantly.

    I do have full 2nd cousins on my maternal grandmothers side, but none that have taken a DNA test (as far as I know).

    In addition to the cousins Ancestry identifies as being in the 1st or 2nd cousin range, I have fifty-one cousins that the company identifies as being in the "3rd cousin" range. Some of these I've already noted among my 2nd cousins once removed and half 2nd cousins. Others seem to be actual 3rd cousins, and some are also somewhat more distant -- such as 3rd cousins once removed.
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    Besides British-German-Catalan, ancestry includes smaller amounts of French, Irish, Swiss, Choctaw & another NA tribe, possibly Catawba. Avatar picture is: my father, his father, & his father's father; baby is my eldest brother.


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    Clinton, Washington
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    United States of America United Kingdom Germany Ireland Scotland Canada Quebec
    Mother’s side: 2
    Enstranged Biological Dad’s side: Who knows, got 3 Uncles that estranged my Biological Dad as well; meet one of my 1st cousins on 23andme

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    I have 55 first cousins. I know or have met about 40 of them. Some are old enough to be an aunt or uncle. Some of my cousins children are older than I am or close to the same age even though technically in the Spanish language I am their uncle.

    I have at least 77 second cousins that I have documented but I don't if some of my fathers first cousins had children.

    My father had at least 42 first cousins. My mother only had 3.

    Very few of us have done DNA testing. Of those I have tested two cousins and one uncle. A second cousin has tested about seven of his siblings and/or first cousins that are also my second cousin. Unfortunately none of my 2nd through 10th cousins through my direct paternal line have done a Big Y test. I lost communication with a 7th cousin passed away before I became interested in Y-DNA testing. I am more interested now than ever now that Big Y-700 exists but I can't find other distant relatives to test and so I can see which SNPs mutated after the common ancestor and which are shared. This might help get a better idea how far back the TMRCA is with a more distant Big Y-700 match.

    A lot of distant relatives, not through my direct paternal line, have done Y-DNA testing so I have some knowledge on the Y-DNA of many of my ancestors.

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    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Ireland Ireland Connacht Ireland County Roscommon Ireland County Galway Ireland County Mayo
    I have 6 first cousins on my dad's side and 10 on my mum's side.

    Mum has 5 first cousins on her dad's side and 10 on her mum's side.

    Dad has 14 cousins exclusive to his dad's side and 39 exclusive to his mother's side. There are 3 cousins common to both sides since his paternal uncle married his maternal aunt.
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    Ancestry: Ireland (Paper trail ≅ 81.25% Roscommon, 12.5% Galway, 6.25% Mayo)
    Y-DNA (P) ancestor (Y): Kelly b. c1830 in Co. Roscommon (Uí Maine)
    mtDNA (P) ancestor: Fleming b. c1831 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA (M) ancestor: McDermott b. c1814 in Co. Roscommon
    mtDNA Great grandfather: Connella b. c1798 in Co. Roscommon (T2a1a8)
    Y-DNA 2x great grandfather: Higgins b. c1816 in Co. Roscommon (R-DF109)
    Y-DNA 3x great grandfather: Fleming b. c1829 in Co. Roscommon (R-Z23534)

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    United Kingdom Netherlands Mauritius Madagascar India China
    First cousins I think 52, beyond that too many to remember.
    Ethnogene: 51.4% NW European, 21.6% W European, 10.1% Southeastern African, 9.5% Southeast Asian, 4.4% South Asian, 2% Scandinavian, 1% East African
    Papertrail @ 3xggrandparents: 31.25% London, 21.875% Dorset, 18.75% Mauritius, 6.25% Netherlands, 6.25% China 6.25% Hampshire 6.25% Buckinghamshire 3.125% Somerset

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    Netherlands Friesland Netherlands
    From my father's side: 14 first cousins. My father had 7 siblings.
    From my mother's side: 5 first cousins. My mother had 2 siblings.
    MyHeritage: Scandinavian 48%, English 37.6%, North- and West-European 10.2%, Finnish 4.2%
    AncestryDNA: Germanic Europe 78%, Sweden & Denmark 20%, England & Northwestern Europe 2%
    23andMe: French & German 72.2%, Scandinavian 24.7%, Broadly Northwestern European 3.1%
    Paper trail: Frisian

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