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You have your own conclusions, I have my own.

In any case, with the little we have, no modern Berber ressemble the profiles of Chalcolitic North African profile from Iberia or Sardinia, which aren't the ideal proxies since they aren't even in North Africa, but that's all we got.
And Northeast European-like mtdna haplogroups are found even in the Souss. So I am pretty confident a Bronze Age European contribution is hard to avoid in any Berber population. Maybe isolated Zenagas may or may not have it.
New modern and especially ancient samples will sort this out. In the mean time, I'll stick to my conclusions and I encourage anyone to have their own.
Marriages between the north and south are common, even more do now so of course you’ll find an mtdna like that inthe souss. We can’t assume the southern berber ancestry profile came out of thin air