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    New Parental Phasing

    Ancestry has started a new Beta feature.

    Dividing your match list into Parent 1 and Parent 2. And six other associated groupings. You do not need a tested Parent. SideView applied to your Match List.

    You can assign Maternal or Paternal to Parent 1 or 2. Click on the "By Parent Beta" to do this. For me, Parent 1 is Maternal. Which is interesting, because from the SideView, I could not tell (My parents had roughly similar ancestries).

    My Maternal and Paternal came out almost exactly equal. About 25,800 each.

    About 10% of my 55,000 matches are Unassigned. A lot of these have Common Ancestor hints and they may get phased at a later date. One is a 2nd 1r with over 100 cM so I find it hard to believe that they could not see him as Paternal.

    As far as I can tell the phasing seems pretty accurate. I have seen a few matches that are weird but at times my maternal and paternal sides co-existed in the same geographical areas, so I get some matches that seem to straddle both sides of my ancestry. I have seen one match (who triangulates paternal via DNAPainter but phases maternal) that I strongly disagree with, but overall very accurate.

    This phasing goes down to 8 cM. It is not applied to any archived matches from 6 to 8.

    there is a feedback form and I gave Ancestry high marks. I would like to see the phasing as a separate button, as it is currently clobbering the Groups button.


    I still want a chromosome browser
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