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    Lightbulb : clarifY your "next-generation" Y-DNA results

    I am excited to announce the launch of, a service for generating comprehensive Y-trees from "next-generation" Y-DNA sequencing results.

    This service's first offering: personalised Y-tree reports produced from BigY VCF/BED data. Here is a sample. The website is now accepting orders.

    Subscribers will periodically receive personalised reports showing their position on the Y-tree relative to others in their Y-chromosomal neighbourhood. Reports build on recent versions of the ISOGG haplotree, and are able to indicate which aspects of the phylogenetic structure are robust and which are more tenuous. Sequential reports will reflect phylogenetic progress resulting from growth in our service's membership. Subscribers will have opt-in control over how much of their genetic and ancestral information is shared with their genetic neighbours.

    I originally designed the underlying phylogenetic (tree-generating) software for the purpose of handling Geno 2.0 data. The first experimental phylogeny was released in July 2013, with subsequent releases last August, September, November and February. These reports have been lauded by the genetic genealogy community and have also received some corporate and academic praise. Since November I have been adapting my software for "next-generation sequencing" results, such as Full Genome Corp.'s comprehensive Y test and FTDNA's BigY product. I have also spent time streamlining the non-phylogenetic aspects -- the parts of the process before and after the generation of the Y-tree -- a workflow for receiving and queuing data and generating and distributing personalised phylogenetic reports.

    This service is not affiliated with any Y-DNA testing company (despite having last year initiated talks to explore that option).

    I will gladly answer questions about this service, in this thread.

    Chris Morley

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