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thanks for explanation

can you answer me then, as a T1 person with CTS8862 have you resolved this SNP , because if the answer is the same as predictor ytree.MorleyDNA then I fail to see why I need to invest in ClarifyDNA

Everything at ytree.MorleyDNA.com is based on Geno 2.0 data rather than BigY or FGC data. I see that CTS8862 was tested on the Geno chip, but it doesn't appear in my latest Geno-based report, and I haven't looked at the Geno 2.0 dataset in several months.

However, I have done a similar analysis (unreleased) on Chromo2 data. That report puts CTS8862 at the "T1a2b~2" level. Below L446, and approximately phyloequivalent to CTS3767, CTS9984 and CTS11984 (and three other markers that recur elsewhere in the tree). I have 18 candidate markers "between T1a-L131 and T1a2b-L446" (the dataset lacks representation from T1a2a-P322). There are 7 S-series markers at the "T1a2b~1" level, and a further 7 at the "T1a2b~1~1" level. Granted, these clades are based on only one sample per clade.

I expect an analysis of several FGC or BigY kits from this part of the haplotree would reveal other SNPs of comparable importance.

I actually don't have any haplogroup T kits in my BigY dataset. The first order at clarifYDNA.com for analysis of haplogroup T BigY data will get two more BigY haplogroup T analyses free of charge: a three-for-one deal for the first customer submitting their haplogroup T data. I will post here once that offer has been claimed.