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Thread: Closest G25 average national European population

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    Quote Originally Posted by xerxez View Post
    Afrikaners are available on Eurogenes datasheet, here is their average coordinates Afrikaner,0.1158925,0.1294338,0.0524198,0.0390096, 0.0370557,0.0149967,0.0038134,0.0064823,0.006675,0 .0051854,-0.0041999,0.004278,-0.008825,-0.0072503,0.0141829,0.0031157,-0.0054702,0.003219,0.0025997,0.0039849,0.0033293,0 .0021526,0.0004594,0.0100506,0.0003211

    In my first post, we see that Dutch average is the closest population for Afrikaners followed by German average

    We don't have to my knowledge White Americans and White Australians averages, however you cand find their Eurogenes K13 coordinates.

    Here is the closest average European populations for them on Eurogenes K13


    Afrikaner English
    Australia_New_South_Wales English
    Australia_Queensland English
    Australia_South_Australia Dutch
    Australia_Tasmania English
    Australia_Victoria English
    Canada_New_Brunswick English
    Canada_Newfoundland English
    Canada_Nova_Scotia English
    Canada_Ontario English
    Canada_Quebec French
    New_Zealand English
    US_Alabama English
    US_Arkansas English
    US_California German
    US_Connecticut German
    US_Georgia English
    US_Illinois Dutch
    US_Indiana English
    US_Iowa English
    US_Kansas English
    US_Kentucky English
    US_Louisiana English
    US_Maine English
    US_Massachussets English
    US_Michigan German
    US_Minnesota Swedish
    US_Mississippi English
    US_Missouri English
    US_Nebraska English
    US_New_Jersey German
    US_New_York German
    US_North_Carolina English
    US_Ohio English
    US_Pennsylvania Dutch
    US_South_Carolina English
    US_Tennessee English
    US_Texas English
    US_Utah English
    US_Virginia English
    US_West_Virginia English
    US_Wisconsin German

    And here is how they plot on Eurogenes K13 (I didn't put all regions to make the PCA readable)


    And focus on NW Europe

    Looks accurate, makes total sense to see Quebec and Eastern Provinces of Canada (Acadia) closer to the French, along with New England and Louisinia in the US who have more French input.

    french ancestry.png

    Also makes sense to see New-York, Connecticut.. pointing through Italy with their higher Italian input.


    And Minnesota pointing through Scandinavia

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