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    Italian Alpine
    Australian and Italian
    Y-DNA (P)
    T1a2 - Y79536
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Australia Italy Veneto Friuli Italy Trentino Alto Adige Italy Ladinia Republic of Venice

    FTDNA Discover more

    I do not know what to think about this product in FtDna ...........mine updates every fortnight

    my new Ydna marker is from 1100BC in modern Trieste Italy

    my new ancient connection is a 3yo boy from Iznik Turkey from 350AD

    my closest is CL23 ...collegno Lombard

    my oldest is DER31 ....derenburg , Harz mountains, Germany, neolithic times

    notable connection ( must mean royaly) of Khalifa , Bahrain ......13000 years ago

    country of frequency is only Italy ..................they must have not got my closest match with a man from Lorraine France

    overall.......product too young ................and might be far better for other more populace ydna markers

    My Path = ( K-M9+, LT-P326+, T-M184+, L490+, M70+, PF5664+, L131+, L446+, CTS933+, CTS3767+, CTS8862+, Z19945+, BY143483+, SK1480+, Y79536+ )

    Grandfather via paternal grandmother = I1-CTS6397 yDna
    Great grandmother paternal side = T1a1e mtDna

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    United States
    aDNA Match (1st)
    Levant_LBN_MA_o4:SI-53 (Sidon Crusader's Pit-mixed)
    aDNA Match (2nd)
    [Mom] Levant_Beirut_ERoman:SFI-33
    aDNA Match (3rd)
    [Dad] VK2020_DNK_Langeland_VA:VK363
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    J2a1 Z6065>Y7702>M47
    mtDNA (P)

    United States of America Lebanon Germany United Kingdom Belgium Switzerland
    Notable connections are not just royalty: The only two DF19s in that category are a man whose remains were dug up by people who thought he was a vampire, and Cordell Hull.
    R1b>M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>DF19>DF88>FGC11833 >S4281>S4268>Z17112>FT354149

    Ancestors: Francis Cooke (M223/I2a2a) b1583; Hester Mahieu (Cooke) (J1c2 mtDNA) b.1584; Richard Warren (E-M35) b1578; Elizabeth Walker (Warren) (H1j mtDNA) b1583;
    John Mead (I2a1/P37.2) b1634; Rev. Joseph Hull (I1, L1301+ L1302-) b1595; Benjamin Harrington (M223/I2a2a-Y5729) b1618; Joshua Griffith (L21>DF13) b1593;
    John Wing (U106) b1584; Thomas Gunn (DF19) b1605; Hermann Wilhelm (DF19) b1635

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