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Thread: Do you have other kinds of pics of ancestors that you do not have photos of?

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    Here’s some of my ancestors. The first is my 3rd Great Grandfather, the 2nd is my 4th Great Uncle, and the 3rd is my 4th Great Grandfather. These portraits were all probably from the mid to late 1800s, all were veterans of the US civil war, with my great Uncle above being killed in battle. Interestingly enough, his resting place is in a lost mass soldier grave, and I’ve looked for where this burial could be, and according to local historians in the town of this particular battle, this mass grave is thought to be under the local Wal-Mart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pylsteen View Post
    Due to partial ancestry from the 17th and 18th century elite, there are many portraits of ancestors
    some interesting ones (not in my possession):
    - one of my ancestors with a black servant
    - a bedroom painting of an ancestral couple

    I do have prints of some of them. We also have a 50 year marriage jubilee medal with the couple engraved (18th century). This was not inherited by us, but bought when we came across it, just felt like a must-have as a descendant.
    Very nice!

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    In 1848 the Norwegian painter Adolph Tidemand (1814-1876) travelled through the valley from where I have most of my ancestors.
    Among his paintings he also made several sketches of the local population, including several of my relatives.

    Here are a few:

    The man on the left is Hellik Olsen Rustan (1780-1862). He is the great-grandson of my ancestors Ole Helliksen Koppangen (1674-1734) and Marte Hansdatter Åsland (1671-1741).
    Hellik Olsen Rustan is wearing the traditional dress (bunad) from Numedal. The man on the rigth is wearing the East Telemark dress (bunad).

    This is Hellik Olsen Rustans daugther Berit born in 1811. From the head covering we can tell that she is married. She married Ole Kittilsen Linås in 1837.
    She is wearing also wearing a traditional dress (bunad) from Numedal.

    The man is Herbrand Olsen Moen (1820-1870). He is the great-grandson of my ancestors Thore Olsen Bakli (1715-1764) and Anne Andersdatter Homelia (1727-1802).
    Herbrand Olsen Moen is wearing the same bunad as Hellik Olsen Rustan above, but here it is in color. The young lady is wearing a older type bunad, which was popular in the 1700's.

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