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Thread: The genetic history of Scandinavia from the Roman Iron Age to the present

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacreme View Post
    Heruli/Herules fit the timeframe too.
    They also raided the Balkans including lands now part of modern Greece and were also used as mercenaries by the Roman empire.

    Hopefully further testing in the future will give some answers.
    'The Heruli are believed to have formed part of the Chernyakhov culture,[42] which, although dominated by the Goths and other Germanic peoples,[20] also included Bastarnae, Dacians and Carpi.[43] The Heruli are thus archaeologically indistinguishable from the Goths.[42][44]' 'In his 6th century work Getica, the historian Jordanes, based in Constantinople, wrote that the Heruli had been driven out of their homeland in Scandinavia by the Danes.[28] This has been read as implying Heruli origins in the Danish isles '

    Very interesting where did the Danes expel them from, Zealand ?
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