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Thread: J1 clades.

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    Personally I do not think that J1-PF4816 (as a subclade of L620) could have originated in the Arabian Peninsula or a southern location of West Asia. Parallel to L620>PF4816 is L620>FGC6064 which currently has a distribution limited to northern and (north-)eastern West Asia (e.g., Armenia and Iran), as well as more recent branches in Europe which are ostensibly tied to the movements of Iranian-speakers. Even under PF4816 there is a major branch (PF4816>ZS6599) which is overwhelmingly distributed north of the Arabian Peninsula and archaeogenetics currently corroborates a movement of this branch from north of Mesopotamia (eastern Anatolia, Transcaucasia, northernmost Mesopotamia, and NW Iran). As such, PF4816>L136 also must have arisen in such a location.
    You could be right. There is a basal ZS6599* Kuwaiti with a TMRCA of 13300 ybp which is almost as old as the PF4816 branch itself. We all know how certain lineages under L858 have completely wiped out the diversity in the Arabian peninsula. So seeing this Kuwaiti as well as many other ancient lineages under L136 that are southern in origin and the lack of research inside the Arabian peninsula made me believe that L136 and it’s ancestor PF4816 have a southern origin or migrated very early on towards the south which then gave it’s descendants plenty of time and room to diversify as we can see today with ancient lineages like L136>ZS4393>p56 , Y4067>ZS5383, and literally every single branch under J-Z643. All of these branches are Arabian dominated.
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