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Thread: The Last of the Mohicans

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    The Last of the Mohicans

    James Fenimore Cooper in his famous novel "The Last of the Mohicans", created a legend about the alleged complete extermination of this tribe. In fact, they are alive and the bearers of the Q-BZ4035 subclade

    Van Gilder DNA Project presents the haplotypes of the descendants of Toanuck (~1695 - 1758) - a Mohican leader who accepted the name John van Gilder after marrying a German Anna Maria Karner. The couple had 9 children ( 7 of them were sons), from whom the tested descendants originate.

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    Dear Sir Farroukh,
    let me tell you that I am a big fan of your articles and I have complete confidence in what you write.
    My Y-DNA haplogroup is E-FT262507 and I could read on the MolGen forum on July 10, 2022 that you wrote that R3745 Zadar, Croatia 22.5 calCE-121 calCE E-V13>E-PH1246>E-BY44792>E -BY66293> E-FT262507 in Antonio et al. 2022. Stable population structure in Europe.
    So, can you definitely confirm to me that R3745 is E-FT262507 or tell me if it is only a prediction.
    I count on you.
    Thank you to you, best regards.

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