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Thread: New YFull haplotree adds more branches to M458 and Z280

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    New YFull haplotree adds more branches to M458 and Z280

    YFull's latest haplotree for R-Z282 adds some new branches.

    - L260 > YP256 > YP254 now has four subclades: Y2905, Y4135, YP414, and YP415. All can be ordered individually from FTDNA.

    - CTS11962 > L1029 now has four subclades: YP263, YP416, YP417, and YP445. All can be ordered individually from FTDNA except YP417 (which has been requested).

    - CTS11962 has a new subclade, YP515, but it is not yet orderable.

    - CTS3402 > Y33 > CTS8816 > Y1392 > Y2902, often called B Type, now has three subclades: Y2910, Y4379, and CTS11142. Y2910 and CTS11142 are orderable, Y4379 not yet.

    - CTS3402 > YP237 > YP234 > L365, often called G Type, now has two subclades: YP269 and YP389, both orderable. Roughly, YP269 has 12 at DYS385a and DYS438, whereas YP389 has 11 at both.


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