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Thread: New YFull haplotree for Z94 has some new branches

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    New YFull haplotree for Z94 has some new branches

    The new YFull haplotree for R-Z94 has some new branches.

    - Z94 now has three direct subclades: L657, Z2124, and Y40. All are orderable individually from FTDNA.

    - Z2124 now has three direct subclades: Z2122, Z2125, and S23592. Only Z2122 is currently orderable.

    - Z2124 > Z2125 > Z2123 now have five direct subclades: Y47, Y2632, Y877, Y934, YP450. All are orderable except Y934.

    - Z2124 > Z2125 > Z2123 > Y934 now has two direct subclades: Y874 and YP520. Both are orderable.


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