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Thread: New 23andMe British and Irish Genetic Groups

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    New 23andMe British and Irish Genetic Groups

    Hi all,

    23andMe have released a new feature called 'Genetic Groups', they appear to be focused along the same lines as the Genetic Communities that AncestryDNA has. At the moment, they have released new communities for the UK and Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula, see further detail here:

    I have just received my new Genetic Groups. See below:

    I have:

    1. Central Ireland and Northern Ireland - This seems to be essentially, Ulster.
    2. Ireland.
    3. North East England - County Durham and Northumberland.
    4. Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    These align quite closely with the GC's I have in MyHeritage, less so with the AncestryDNA. I do not have the Scottish Lowlands here.

    I'm slightly confused about the North East England community, I don't have any known ancestry from that region. I am not sure if that is down to immigration or something.
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