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Thread: New R-FGC11134 Project at FTDNA

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    New R-FGC11134 Project at FTDNA

    Mike W. has graciously done the legwork to get FTDNA to setup a project for R-FGC11134. It is now active but I have some work to do in getting the public page fleshed out. That will happen slowly over the next week.

    R-FGC11134 is a new branch point found under DF13. It was found by NGS testing done by Full Genomes Corporation, and revealed by Greg Magoon earlier this year. Further study of Big Y results by Christopher McCown and others has shown R-L96 and R-A286 are parallel descendants to the much larger R-CTS4466 aka Irish Type II branch.

    L96+ and A286+ individuals are encouraged to start signing up, so we can start to build up knowledge of these older branches. Anyone who is FGC11134+ is also welcome to join, but CTS4466+ folks like myself will be better served by the R1b-CTS4466 Plus or South Irish projects. The R-FGC11134 Project will be focusing on the older aspects of the branch, and discovering new information about the smaller branches.


    James Kane - B5163

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    Since I reduced the categories on the Y-DNA Results pages at the R L21 and Subclades Project to just the major branches, I created a FGC11134 category, which includes CTS4466 and L96.

    I ran A286 using my GAP Y-DNA SNP tool, but got "The group does not have project members with returned Y-DNA results. " I am not going to comb everyone's Big Y results for that SNP, so anyone who is A286+ and wants to be moved to the FGC11134 category can email me and let me know.

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