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Thread: new study challenges lighter vs darker skin color story

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    This seems pretty interesting...If I understand it correctly, while skin getting lighter as humans migrated northward and needed extra help with UV light to get enough Vitamin D was still a factor, the new study says dark skins ability to retain moisture in high heat environments became less needed as humans migrated north to cooler area's and thus the body spent less energy making it...

    "In human evolution, changes in skin's barrier set northern Europeans apart"

    Elias speculates that, “Once human populations migrated northward, away from the tropical onslaught of UVB, pigment was gradually lost in service of metabolic conservation. The body will not waste precious energy and proteins to make proteins that it no longer needs.”
    For the Evolutionary Biology study, labeled a “synthesis paper” by the journal, Elias and co-author Jacob P. Thyssen, MD, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, mapped the mutation data and measured the correlations with blood levels of vitamin D. Labs throughout the world identified the mutations. Daniel Bikle, MD, PhD, a UCSF professor of medicine, provided expertise on vitamin D metabolism.

    What do you guys think?

    I dont buy his speculation that light skin evolved to conserve energy and proteins in an environment that had less demand for melanin. There seems to have been too much selective pressure in favor of light skin to just come down to the elimination of a very inexpensive process. I wonder if he is even aware of La Brana and his skin color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean M View Post
    Yes I realised after I posted. I must have edited my post as you were posting. Glad this came up. There is a lot more data in their supplement 3 now.
    Finally had a few minutes to update my page with the pigmentation table. I have added the two samples mentioned above, plus a new column to show the three SNPs that people seem mainly interested in, though obviously there are a lot of others to consider for those who want the full picture. Plus I have made the table easier to find, with a link at the top. You can get straight there with .
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