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Thread: "Greek Contact with the Levant and Mesopotamia..."

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    "Greek Contact with the Levant and Mesopotamia..."

    It is fascinating to think that within a few centuries these same Greco-Macedonians would come to rule a vast swath of the ME.

    Greek Contact with the Levant and Mesopotamia in the first half of the first millennium BC: a view from the East

    by Amelie Kuhrt
    In: G.R. Tstetskhladze & A.M. Snodgrass (eds.), Greek Settlement in the Eastern Mediterranean and Blak Sea (BAR Internationsl Series 1062), Oxford 2002

    Between ca. 900 and 500 BC Greek communities were, by comparison with the Near East, poor, and their socio-political structures relatively underdeveloped (see Osborne 1996). Momentous changes were, of course, taking place and accelerating late in the period, but if we look at some of the contemporary large states and rich cities of the Near East, such as the Neo-Assyrian and Babylonian empires, Egypt, Urartu, the Phoenician cities, the small Syro-Palestinian kingdoms, the comparative backwardness and poverty of Greece is obvious.
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