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Thread: The yDNA haplogroup of Albert Einstein

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    The yDNA haplogroup of Albert Einstein

    Interesting to know, it seems to be quite common among Jewish populations. I wonder if it came from the Near East with Jewish diaspora, and how many generations it takes from the first one to set foot in Europe till Einstein.

    Albert Einstein belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1*-m35*, with a sample taken from a paternal descendant of Naphtali Hirsch Einstein

    Within M35*, his subclade seems to belong to Z830*, "cluster B", a Jewish cluster.

    Cluster Name : E-Z830*-B
    Description : Z830* Cluster B - Jewish cluster (formerly E1b1b1* Cluster D)

    Annotations :

    Representative members of this cluster have been confirmed positive for a new SNP, Z830. Z830 is a subclade of Z827, which is a subclade of M35. While the official Family Tree DNA Haplotree won't be updated with these new SNPs for a while, the ISOGG tree has been updated.

    A few other family names which also belong to Z830*, "cluster B": Blumberg, Epstein, Geiger, Herzfeld, Loewenstein, Rabinowitz, etc.

    Surname : Einstein
    FTDNA's subclade : E1b1b1
    Terminal SNP : M35*
    SNPs currently tested : M123-, M281-, M293-, M35.1+, M78-, M81-, P72-, V6-
    Cluster : E-Z830*-B
    ISOGG's nomenclature : E1b1b1b2*
    Tested with : Family Tree DNA
    Ancestor's origin : Germany

    The paternal lineage of Albert Einstein:

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