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Thread: Do You Know Any Native American (First Nations) People?

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    Lol I find this with SOME americans. They're all out to find native American dna. I always wondered and started a massive debate once under the title. Why do so many Americans claim Native American DNA - is it because they want benefits, is it because it makes them feel like the belong in America after the almost complete annihilation of the First People or is it simply because it's trendy and relevant?

    Needless to say, I never asked the question again lol
    I'm skeptical as well but honestly, much of the talk is hearsay from a person's family. I'm skeptical of that hearsay, particularly - not so much in whether that person is telling the truth. I think many actually believe it to be the truth. Based on what few studies and stats I've seen regarding the subject, most Americans have slim to nil detectible Amerindian. There's a chance that, in many cases, Amerindian admixture could've been "bred out" - so to speak, so I'm always on the fence about what I believe when I'm told a person has NA ancestry.

    One interesting example in regards to Black Americans with NA ancestry, is that sometimes people say certain lighter skinned ancestors were Native American or partly so. In most cases, I believe the person is primarily or mostly Afro/Euro as they look that way. I think Amerindian ancestry is welcomed to many black and white Americans' family line whereas there's a stigma associated with African ancestry in White Americans or European ancestry in Black Americans besides more obvious, recent admixture. History influences the perception, surely.
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    When in Canada I reside in my home on the Grand River where my ancestors have resided since 1783 (an ancestor, an officer in the Six Nations Indian Department, was sent there to help regulate the new Delaware settlements there . A mile away from me today is the consolidated Six Nations Reserve - with 23,000 residents. Look up "Caledonia" and "land claim" and you will soon realize why it is challenging to be so close to this community (frequent road blockades for this or that cause - in the past lack of police willing to serve and protect - better now). All residents at SN are admixed - both in terms of tribe / band, and in terms of ancestry. Many are biologically more European than SN but with a "status card" you are an Indian however loose your affiliation to the community. Many or most of us in the area have well known (to them and us) connections to the Rez, and many of us are well versed in the culture (alas only 1% are fluent in any Six Nations language - I know a few words, mostly nouns). I totally identify as an English Canadian, but I have written a book on how to trace Six Nations ancestry, and other published works - but having a few ancestors who were Indian or African generations ago is nothing more than "interesting".

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