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Thread: Need help ! Haplogroup E-M78

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    Need help ! Haplogroup E-M78

    Lately, I got the 12 markers-YDNA results of the direct paternal line of my paternal grandmother. FTDNA's prediction was E-L117. I only got one perfect match and he's also predicted E-L117. So I ordered these snps : V13 and M123 and both came out negative. I then ordered M78 and I got a positive result.
    With the haplotype, can someone tell me which SNP under M78 is more likely to be positive. I'm not familiar with haplogroup E.

    Here's the haplotype (FTDNA)

    13 24 13 11 14-16 11 12 12 13 11 31

    Thanks for the help !

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