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C5b is not listed as a siberian haplogroup


Could be some old central asian haplogroup but I doubt its native. Very interesting result though
The study that you used is by Denenko et al. and it is just one of the studies that Ian Logan used for the page on C5 at http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/sequences_..._sequences.htm

The other studies are Dryomov, Duggan, Hartmann, Herrnstadt, Ingman_gyll, Kivisild, Liu Schoenberg, Sharma, Starikovskaya, Tanaka, and Volodko

Links to a lot of those studies can be found in the Phylotree list of publications at http://www.phylotree.org/mtDNA_seqs.htm

Even with those other studies C5 is not found in a single person with Native American ancestry in the direct maternal line. Since the person that allegedly had Native American C5c1a has changed their story then the title of the thread should be changed and the initial post should have an update in it about the story being changed.