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Thread: Have You Ever Smoked?

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    Have You Ever Smoked?

    Just curious. Does anyone here currently smoke? If not, have you ever smoked regularly in the past? If so, how did you quit, and what was your motivation?

    I used to smoke socially throughout college, or when I was stressed. I quit cold turkey one day, but I honestly can't say it was due to worries about my own health. It was mostly due to vanity. I didn't want yellowing teeth, wrinkles, and a smoker's voice in the future. These days (I'm 28 years old now), the heaps of health risks cigarettes pose are enough to convince me, but they weren't back then when I was more carefree about everything.

    Recently, I've noticed some people who are having trouble quitting are turning to e-cigarettes. After watching people use them for a while now, I'm starting to wonder how they're helpful. One e-cigarette lasts for a long time, and they don't ash out like normal burning cigarettes do, of course, so I'd imagine it's difficult to know how many puffs are the equivalent of 1 cigarette. Perhaps they end up smoking less, because they only take 1 or 2 puffs when they crave nicotine. With a normal burning cigarette, they might feel the urge to finish up the entire cigarette after it's already been lit.

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