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Thread: M222 Bundle Pack

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    This is a beta-test/proof-of-concept effort limited to 200 participants. That's why it has been a low-profile undertaking. Only tested M222+ individuals seem to have received the notice of the test's availability. I didn't do a precise count, but it looks as though about 40-50 tests have been ordered already. As the diagram shows, FTDNA is trying to integrate all M222 SNPs (or as many as they can fit on the test plates) discovered by any process -- Geno 2.0, Chromo2, FGC and Big Y. There is still some confusion in the community about the ChrY positions of the few Big Y SNPs in the mix, which have the BY prefix -- seven below S7814? That's pretty heavy bombardment for a somewhat compact subgroup. I suspect that the release version (December? January?) will have been pruned of some of the SNPs in the beta test so that other more useful SNPs can be added. Note that S603 is not there, though it is pretty well populated based on Chromo2 and YSEQ tests. That's the most significant absence I see. F1265 is also missing. I saw but did not follow a discussion of possible ambiguities with that one a few weeks ago. I need to go back and see what the issues were.

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