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Thread: Predecessor of N-P189 found in Hungary in 9th century B.C.

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    Predecessor of N-P189 found in Hungary in 9th century B.C.

    The most recent YFull haplotree divides the former N-P189 into two levels, N-P189 and an upstream predecessor N-Y6503. Since I myself have not encountered any Y6503+ P189- , I asked Vladimir Tagankin of YFull for an explanation of the division. He replied:
    Sample: IR1
    Hungary, Ludas-Varjú-dűlő (Iron Age, Pre-Scythian Mezőcsát Culture)
    Age: 830-980 BC

    In other words, sample IR1 from the Greater Hungarian Plain of the 9th-10th century B.C. belongs to the predecessor clade of N-P189. In contrast, none of the Hungarian samples in that study belonged to R1a, R1b, or N-Tat.

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