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Thread: S389+ Pictish?

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    S389+ Pictish?

    Prof Jim Wilson, who discovered S389, has kindly spent some valuable time trawling through a number of S389+ testees. He points out that about 0.5% of British men are in the R1b-S389 group, and that it should be included on ISOGG's tree. He has seen 33 surnames that have S389, so far.
    Jim states that it is Scottish, "In fact very Eastern Scottish, focused on Central Scotland & Aberdeenshire, with instances in Fife & East Lothian". It is much rarer elsewhere in the Isles. He states that "the frequency distribution is a classic signature of 'Pictish' type. R1b-S735, the 'Scots' or Pictish group of R1b, has the exact same frequency peak, but is 20x more common".
    Armstrong is the most numerous surname in the S389 group, but there is also another, typically NE Scottish surname which appears twice: this in a relatively small sample.
    Jim doesn't believe S389 is Flemish, and expects it to be absent from continental Europe.
    Jim suggests that FGC or whole Y chromosome sequencing would be extremely beneficial in pinpointing the actual age of S389. He finishes by saying that "If Y sequencing gives a young date, this looks to be another Pictish group! At the very least, it was carried by people who lived in what we now call Scotland, 2000 or however many years ago".
    I'd like to thank Jim profusely for taking the time & trouble to offer his guidance - especially with Xmas upon us.
    Cheers to all!
    PS I obtained Jim's permission to post his views, which I've precised here. I hope I've got the gist exactly. Any errors will be mine.
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