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    J Man

    Native Americans

    This thread is about Native Americans from all over the Americas. I have always found their cultures and histories to be very interesting. Part of this stems from the fact that I have had many Native friends growing up and as a result I got to know parts of their cultural heritage. There was much cultural diversity and variety among the Native groups of the Americas before Europeans arrived. Native American cultures ranged from pure hunter-gatherers to highly specialized farmers who created large empires. As we know after Europeans arrived Native American cultures underwent drastic declines, cultural and physical death which was quite unfortunate but indeed a small percentage did fortunately survive and we can see their descendants today trying to bring back elements of their old cultures. I am currently reading a book entitled ''An Ethnography of the Huron Indians 1615-1649'' by Elisabeth Tooker and I must say that so far is is a very informative and fascinating read for someone who is interested in Native American cultures and histories. It is about Huron tribe just at they were coming into contact with Europeans (French) so it is an account of a relatively untouched (by Europeans) Native American society. The Hurons were/are an Iroquoian tribe from the Northeastern Woodlands region and topics covered include dress, modes of travel, trade, war, sociopolitical organization, subsistence activities, and religious beliefs and practices. Chime in if you wish on this broad topic.
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