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Thread: Help me to solve a family Mystery: My paternal line before my great grandfather.

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    Update: Leaving no stone unturned; this Charles Joseph Atkins relative is a direct male line descendant of Charles J. Atkins paternal grandfather. He has graciously offered to take a y-dna test. This will conclusively determine whether or not my paternal line descends from this particular Atkins line. I am very grateful to him. Should know something by the end of the year.
    Update: The test I ordered has arrived in Australia. Now waiting for the turn around trip and lab processing. Based on the lack of matching on the test (see post 147 in this thread), I'm 95% sure it's going to be negative results for the 3 SNPs on my branch that are included in the test. But, who knows? Maybe I will be surprised.
    Y-DNA R-Z49>Z142>Z12222>FGC12378>FGC12401>FGC12384
    Ancestry: 37% English, 26% Scot/Ulster Scot, 14% Welsh, 14% German 3% Ireland, 3% Nordic, 2% French & Dutch, 1% India

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