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Thread: Affiliates Tab (Info & Updates)

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    Affiliates Tab (Info & Updates)

    Dear members,

    As part of the recent updates, we've been looking for ways to promote the good work produced by those from within the genealogy community. The Affiliates tab shown above achieves this by listing external items (blogs, websites, journals, projects) run by our own members.

    Please note that the Affiliates tab merely showcases the esteemed personal work of our members. As such, we do not officially endorse any of the views, inferences or opinions expressed through them.

    If you are looking to promote your work, please contact someone on the team to see if this can be facilitated. We'll be updating this thread whenever new additions are made.

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    We are very pleased to now promote Anthromadness, an anthropology blog run by our own Awale.

    Anthromadness covers topics pertaining to genetics, history, linguistics and cultural anthropology. It is predominantly oriented around the African Horn, although plenty of coverage is provided to other world regions.

    Recent topics have included a review of the Dobon et al. data from Sudan, as well as the autosomal profile of modern Central Asians.

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    R2a*-M124 (L295-)

    Very happy to add AJL's personal blog, thegenealogistdotca, to our Affiliates tab.

    Alongside charting AJL's genealogical research, plenty of the topics discussed are directly relevant to the genetics hobbyist, as showcased by his recent The Downside to DNA series (part 1, part 2). Please check it out!

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