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    Donation Information and Updates


    We're taking donations as part of a crowdfunding initiative to order those tests of key importance to the online enthusiast community in South and South Central Asian genetic genealogy/history.

    You can donate to the general fund which will be used for tests according to priority and decided on by vote/consensus, or you can donate for a specific test or group of tests.

    Click here to see the spreadsheet with donation and balance information for the general and specific test funds

    Here are the current tests we're looking for with the high priority ones on top (and as money is donated, this list will be updated with any amounts donated specifically to these tests and not in the general fund):

    The tests themselves will be decided upon by consensus of the donaters but we're looking at FGC Y Prime ($750 at the time of this) and FTDNA Big Y ($575). All results will be sent to YFull for interpretation ($49) and inclusion in their tree. If anyone wants to share coupons or deals for tests, that would be a great help.

    General: $5.00

    L1c-M357 (23andMe: L3*) (Afghan Pashtun): $20.00

    L1c-M357 (23andMe: L3*) (Punjabi Jatt):

    H1a* (Afghan):

    R1b (India):

    R1b (Afghan):

    R1a-Z2124 (South Indian):

    R1a-L657 (North India/Punjab, esp. Y7 and Y6 subclades):

    R1a-Z2124 (Afghan):

    J2-M172 (Users who received this from 23andMe, not falling into their known clades of J2a or J2b) (All areas and including Central Asians like Tajiks):

    G2c (Afghan):

    J2b2-M241 (North Indian Brahmin, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia (Tajikstan), China):

    L1c-M357 (23andMe: L3*) (North Indian Brahmin):

    G2 (North India/Pakistan):

    G2 (South India):

    G1 (Subcontinent):

    J1 (All):

    R1a-Y40 (Afghan):

    R1a-Z93-Other (All):

    L1c-M357 (23andMe: L3*) (South Indian Brahmin):

    H1a* (North India/Pakistan):

    F (North India/Pakistan):

    F (South India):

    L1c-M357 (23andMe: L3*) (Balochi):

    J2b2-M241 (Balochi, Pakistan Pashtun/Pathan):
    If you are a member of one of the above haplogroups, or know someone who is, or have already been tested yourself, and/or are thinking of testing yourself, please post here and let us know. Once enough money is collected, a decision on which test to order is made, and a suitable subject identified through the community and contacted, the order will be placed and paid for by us.

    We are prioritizing some North Indian haplogroups to start off with since many of the entries already in the YFull tree from the HGDP are already South Indian (three groups were tested: Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Telegu, and Bengali with one North Indian: Punjabis from Lahore)

    Please mention as much of the following as you prefer when donating if you don't want it to go to the general fund:

    • Haplogroup(s), specific or general (e.g, J2b2-M241 or J-General or J2-General or J2b-General)
    • Region, country, province, or city (e.g, Afghanistan, North India, South India, Punjab, Nepal (if distinguishing from North India), etc)
    • Ethnic group (e.g, Bengali, South India Brahmin, Punjabi Arain, Afghan Pashtun, etc)

    Please also mention what name or username you want the donation credited to in our spreadsheet or whether you want the donation to be anonymous.


    Click here to send a donation

    Our e-mail address is


    Tests already taken by users in the community:

    YFull ID - FTDNA Kit # - User - Description - Haplogroup

    YF01382 - N12617 - Parasar - Bihari Brahmin - R1a-L657, Subclade of R1a-L657-Y9
    YF02959 - B6225 - Dr_McNinja - Punjabi Jatt - J2b2-M241, Subclade of J-M241-Z2432-Z2433
    ? - 283231 - HRP0283 - Punjabi Jatt - G2a2a (Otzi the Iceman group) (In Progress at FGC)
    Last edited by Dr_McNinja; 03-28-2015 at 10:45 PM.
    Paternal - Y-DNA: J2b2* (J-M241) Z2432+ Z2433+ Y978+ (J-Y978*) (YFull: YF02959) (FTDNA Kit B6225), mtDNA: M18a (FTDNA Kit 329180)
    Maternal- Y-DNA: R1a1a1b2a1a* L657+ Y7+ (R-Y16494) (FTDNA Kit 311047), mtDNA: M30b (FTDNA Kit B6225) (Mother's Mother's Father: R1a1a1b2a1a* Y7+ (FTDNA Kit 329181))

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