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    Rules and Readme

    Welcome to our South and South Central Asian (SASCA) Ancestry Project!

    South and South Central Asia was intentioned primarily for the Indian subcontinent and surrounding countries, including Afghanistan, however certain investigations of interest will necessarily spill over borders into neighboring countries or regions if we need to compare a possible ancestral link.

    Please keep in mind the rules of the crowdfunding initiatives section before posting as they all apply here.

    This sub-forum can also be used to discuss potential tests to investigate and other matters pertaining to the genetic anthropology/genealogy community, however please make sure to check whether your post doesn't fit better in another forum first (e.g, Ancient DNA, Autosomal, and the respective Y haplogroup forums).

    This project and crowdfunding initiative is run by myself (Dr_McNinja). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here.
    Paternal - Y-DNA: J2b2* (J-M241) Z2432+ Z2433+ Y978+ (J-Y978*) (YFull: YF02959) (FTDNA Kit B6225), mtDNA: M18a (FTDNA Kit 329180)
    Maternal- Y-DNA: R1a1a1b2a1a* L657+ Y7+ (R-Y16494) (FTDNA Kit 311047), mtDNA: M30b (FTDNA Kit B6225) (Mother's Mother's Father: R1a1a1b2a1a* Y7+ (FTDNA Kit 329181))

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