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Thread: Iron Age Balearic Islands Excavations

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    Talayots are constructions made with big or middle-size stones. They are structures looking like a tower (pyramid trunk or cone), up to 9 m. high and a variable measure for diameter or side. Scholars found circular plan or square plan talayots. The former get a variant: with stairs. They keep the basic way of the plan and change the way of elevation: a series of "rings" with diminishing diameters.

    The biggest talayots get one or several columns in order to support its cover or the upper floors' one. Some of them get the novelty of presenting radial rooms around the central column.

    Importance and number of these remainings let us speak about a "Culture of Talayots". It makes easy the difference between them and contemporary megalithic constructions at our Peninsula. This civilization began ca. 2.100 b.C., probably formed by nomadic people from the North of Africa who used to live in caves and evolutioned in order to occupy single huts. Later, walls around villages were built with a simple construction of stones. Finally, houses made of stone with different rooms or even access between them.
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