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Thread: Karmin 2015 got M458 wrong

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    Karmin 2015 got M458 wrong

    Figure S37 of Karmin 2015 includes the following caption:
    In one case, the relationship of the branches does not follow previous work: in the Y-chromosome minimal reference phylogeny (van Oven et al. 2013), R-L260 is nested within R-M458, whereas in our dataset, the branch defined by L260 constitutes an outgroup for the group containing the branch carrying M458.

    We know, of course, that M458 is actually upstream of L260. FTDNA has no difficulty detecting M458 using either Sanger sequencing (individual SNP tests), microarrays (Geno 2.0), or next-generation sequencing (the Big Y); but apparently the authors had difficulty with it.

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