Interesting analysis of the branch R1b-V88 by Gioiello the banned Pisan in the paper of Paolo Francalacci and al-2015
Detection of phylogenetically informative polymorphisms in the entire euchromatic portion of human Y chromosome from a Sardinian sample

Be careful, somtimes Gioielllo writes V18 for M18 and M35 for V35.

The first interest is the old separation before Neolithic from the Sardinian sub-branch R1b-M18 from the sub_branches R1b-V35 and the African R1b-Y7771-V69.

Thesecond one is the analysis of the downstairs sub-branches of R1b-L23Z2105 and R1b-L51xL11. Francalaci and al gave their raw results and honestly don't try to rectify according to other known trees. It is not the only downstairs sub-branches whih has some imperfections.