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1) The TMRCA is between 1500 and 2500 YBP (YTree has 1760 YBP).
2) Your haplogroup should be genetically isolated having 26 branch equivalents.
3) It is well tested for YSNP (42 NGS tests via BigTree and 27 branches below)
4) Assuming 20 % are Big Y tested, you should have around 210 Y67 marker testers.
5) Can be charted with SAPP (less than 500 testers).
6) Is dominated by one surname (Kelly) and four earlier branches are non-Kelly testers.
Thanks for mentioning the SAPP tool. I had seen it before but never really tried to figure out how to use it. Between you mentioning it and it being mentioned in another thread, I decided to give it a proper try. I had fun creating a tree for all the members of our surname cluster using David Vance's version. It's interesting to see where there might possibly be new sub-branches for testers who haven't done SNP testing. I'll have to edit it and add names to make it easier for me to read.